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As You Like It: Norton Critical Edition

As You Like It: Norton Critical Edition

Leah S. Marcus (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-92762-7

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384 pages

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"All the world's a stage." Shakespeare's beloved pastoral comedy is now available in a Norton Critical Edition.

Since its return to the London stage in 1740, As You Like It has delighted theatergoers, readers, and critics. Its heroine, Rosalind, is one of Shakespeare's greatest characters. The play's Forest of Arden setting and its focus on the relationship between natural occurrences and things created by humans (Shakespeare collectively termed these "art") provide us with access to debates in Renaissance England that relate to the ecological issues of our own time. This Norton Critical Edition is based on the 1623 First Folio text. It is accompanied by a note on the text, eight illustrations, six photographs, and explanatory annotations.

"Sources and Contexts" includes, in its entirety, Shakespeare's primary source for the play-Thomas Lodge's popular prose romance Rosalynde (1590). Reading Shakespeare's play with (and against) Lodge's romance reveals striking similarities and fascinating differences, both large and small. An array of other readings focuses on the central areas of gender and ecology and includes works by Michel de Montaigne, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Bastard, George Gascoygne, and William Prynne.

A rich "Criticism" section includes twenty-one commentaries on As You Like It spanning four centuries. Contributors include, among others, Mrs. Anna Jameson, Clara Claiborne Park, Jean E. Howard, Marjorie Garber, James Shapiro, Valerie Traub, Jeffrey Masten, and Robert Smallwood.

A Selected Bibliography is also included.

List of Illustration


The Text of As You Like It

A Note on the Text

Sources and Contexts

Thomas Lodge

  • Rosalynde

Richard Pace
  • [The Benefit of a Liberal Education]

Keith Thomas
  • [Boundaries between Animal and Human]

Michel de Montaigne
  • [Humans versus Animals]

Sir Thomas More
  • [How Sheep Devour the English]

William C. Carroll
  • Enclosure, Vagrancy, and Sedition in the Tudor-Stuart Period

Thomas Bastard
  • [Proto-ecological Epigrams]

George Gascoygne
  • The Woeful Words of the Hart to the Hunter

William Prynne
  • [The Dangers of Theatrical Cross-Dressing]

Erica Fudge
  • Dressing Up as a Human

Joseph W. Meeker
  • The Comic Mode

Walter Benjamin • Gloves



William Hazlitt

  • As You Like It

Mrs. Anna Jameson
  • Rosalind

Edward Dowden
  • [As You Like It as Escape]

Anne Barton
  • As You Like It: Shakespeare's "Sense of an Ending"

Rosalie Colie
  • Perspectives on Pastoral

Linda Woodbridge
  • As You Like It and the Pastoral-Bashing Impulse

Clara Claiborne Park
  • As We Like It: How a Girl Can Be Smart and Still Popular

Louis Adrian Montrose
  • "The Place of a Brother" in As You Like It

Richard Wilson
  • "Like the Old Robin Hood": As You Like It and the Enclosure Riots

Jean E. Howard
  • Crossdressing, the Theatre, and Gender Struggle in Early Modern England

Marjorie Garber
  • Rosalind the Yeshiva Boy

James Shapiro
  • [The Play in 1599]

Juliet Dusinberre
  • Pancakes and a Date for As You Like It

Laurie Shannon
  • [Friendship in As You Like It]

Valerie Traub
  • [The Homoerotics of As You Like It]

Cynthia Marshall
  • Constructions of Negation in As You Like It

Jeffrey Masten
  • Ganymede's Hand in As You Like It

Robert N. Watson
  • [Likenesses: Jaques and the Deer]

Gabriel Egan
  • Food and Biological Nature [in] As You Like It

Michael Jamieson
  • As You Like It: Performance and Reception

Robert Smallwood • [Royal Shakespeare Company Stagings of the Final Scene]

 Selected Bibliography