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Asian Noodles: Science, Technology, and Processing

Asian Noodles: Science, Technology, and Processing

Gary G. Hou (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-17922-2 October 2010 464 Pages


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In Asian Noodles: Science, Technology and Processing, international experts review the current knowledge and offer comprehensive cutting-edge coverage on Asian noodles unmatchable in any publication. The authors cover an array of topics including breeding for noodle wheat, noodle flour milling, noodle flour quality control and analysis, noodle processing, sensory and instrumental measurements of noodle quality, the effects of wheat factors on noodle quality, packaging and storage, nutritional fortification of noodle products, noodle flavor seasoning, and noodle plant setup and management.
Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Contributors xv

1. Breeding Noodle Wheat in China 1
Zhonghu He, Xianchun Xia, and Yan Zhang

2. Breeding for Dual-Purpose Hard WhiteWheat in the United States: Noodles and Pan Bread 25
Arron H. Carter, Carl A. Walker, and Kimberlee K. Kidwell

3. Wheat Milling and Flour Quality Analysis for Noodles in Japan 57
Hideki Okusu, Syunsuke Otsubo, and James Dexter

4. Wheat Milling and Flour Quality Analysis for Noodles in Taiwan 75
C. C. Chen and Shu-ying (Sophia) Yang

5. Noodle Processing Technology 99
Gary G. Hou, Syunsuke Otsubo, Hideki Okusu, and Lanbin Shen

6. Instant Noodle Seasonings 141
Kerry Fabrizio, Rajesh Potineni, and Kim Gray

7. Packaging of Noodle Products 155
Qingyue Ling

8. Laboratory Pilot-Scale Asian Noodle Manufacturing and Evaluation Protocols 183
Gary G. Hou

9. Objective Evaluation of Noodles 227
David W. Hatcher

10. Sensory Evaluation of Noodles 251
Bin Xiao Fu and Linda Malcolmson

11. Effects of Flour Protein and Starch on Noodle Quality 261
Byung-Kee Baik

12. Effects of Polyphenol Oxidase on Noodle Color: Mechanisms, Measurement, and Improvement 285
E. Patrick Fuerst, James V. Anderson, and Craig F. Morris

13. Effects of Flour Characteristics on Noodle Texture 313
Andrew S. Ross and Graham B. Crosbie

14. Noodle Plant Setup and Resource Management 331
Gary G. Hou, Syunsuke Otsubo, Veronica Jim´enez Montano, and Julio Gonz´alez

15. Quality Assurance Programs for Instant Noodle Production 363
Sumonrut Kamolchote, Toh Tian Seng, Julio Gonzalez, and Gary G. Hou

16. Rice and Starch-Based Noodles 393
Zhan-Hui Lu and Lilia S. Collado

Index 433

"With Asian noodles such as instant ramen popular worldwide, there is growing interest in them from wheat-exporting countries. Hou (Asian food specialist, Wheat Marketing Center, Inc., Portland, Oregon, US) introduces this valuable contribution to the science and technology behind producing this product by reinforcing the Asian claim to its origins. In 16 chapters, international food scientists from academia and industry discuss topics including noodle-wheat breeding programs in Asia and the US, commercial noodle processing technology, flavor enhancers, quality assurance, packaging, marketing, and noodle products of other grains. The volume includes noodle formulations, product evaluation sheets, quality control flow charts, tables with production parameters, and photographs (some in color) of cultivar and product development and manufacture." (Book News Inc, February 2011)