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Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies, UK Edition

Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies, UK Edition

Georgina Gomez de la Cuesta, James Mason

ISBN: 978-0-470-66466-7 December 2010 384 Pages




Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies covers everything that both people living with the condition and their families need to know. From explaining symptoms and getting a diagnosis, through to overcoming bullying in schools and choosing between the therapy and medical treatments available, this is a complete guide to surviving and thriving with the condition.

Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies includes:

Part I: Understanding Asperger's syndrome (AS)
Chapter 1: Introducing Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 2: Discovering the causes of Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 3: Diagnosing Asperger's syndrome

Part II: Living with Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 4: Enjoying Life with Asperger's
Chapter 5: Getting the most out of education and the workplace
Chapter 6: Finding independence and advocating for your rights

Part III: Supporting people with Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 7: Parenting and Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 8: Relating to adults with Asperger's syndrome
Chapter 9: Creating an AS friendly environment

Part IV: Discovering therapies, medication, diet and environments for AS
Chapter 10: Navigating Behavioural Therapies for Asperger's Syndrome
Chapter 11: Understanding medication and diet in Asperger's syndrome

Part V: Part of Tens
Chapter 12: Ten Organisations to go for help and information
Chapter 13: Ten positives about living with Asperger's
Chapter 14: Ten famous people who probably had Asperger's

Introduction 1

Part I: Understanding Asperger's Syndrome 9

Chapter 1: Introducing Asperger's Syndrome 11

Chapter 2: Discovering the Causes of Asperger's Syndrome 23

Chapter 3: Diagnosing Asperger's Syndrome 35

Chapter 4: Discovering Additional Diagnoses in Asperger's Syndrome 59

Chapter 5: Understanding Asperger's Syndrome in Women 81

Part II: Living with Asperger's Syndrome 99

Chapter 6: Enjoying Life with Asperger's Syndrome 101

Chapter 7: Getting the Most Out of Education and the Workplace 121

Chapter 8: Finding Independence and Advocating for Your Rights 133

Part III: Supporting People with Asperger's Syndrome 147

Chapter 9: Parenting Children Who Have Asperger's Syndrome 149

Chapter 10: Parenting During School, College and Adult Life 173

Chapter 11: Relating to People Who Have Asperger's Syndrome 195

Chapter 12: Sussing Out Sensory Difficulties 219

Part IV: Discovering Therapies, Medication and Diet for Asperger's Syndrome235

Chapter 13: Navigating Behavioural Therapies 237

Chapter 14: Understanding Medication and Medical Procedures 259

Chapter 15: Digesting Diet 269

Part V: The Part of Tens 281

Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Sources of Support and Information on Asperger's Syndrome 283

Chapter 17: Ten Positives about Living with Asperger's Syndrome 293

Chapter 18: Ten Famous People (Some Fictional) Who May Have Had Asperger's Syndrome 299

Appendix A: A List of Books You Might Like to Read (And Some Discs) 311

Appendix B: Glossary 319

Index 331