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Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Mid-Life Leaders Reconnection to Self and Soul

Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Mid-Life Leaders Reconnection to Self and Soul

Jim Warner

ISBN: 978-0-471-44398-8

Jan 2002

352 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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ASPIRATIONS of Greatness
Mapping the Midlife Leader's Reconnection to Self and Soul

We often assume that money and success bring fulfillment. But achievement, especially in business, has its costs. Read the statements below and see if they apply to you:
* I refuse to live according to other people's values
* I'm eager to get in touch with my true talents-and use them
* I want to dedicate my life to the goals that really matter to me
* I'm ready for a genuine spiritual journey
* I want to feel closer to my spouse and loved ones
* I'm ready for a big change in my life

If you found yourself nodding in agreement while reading any of the above lines, then Aspirations of Greatness can help you. Backed by research from in-depth interviews and retreats with 500 CEOs, its principles apply to anyone who has attained outward success but remains unfulfilled.

The author presents the true stories of eight "successful" leaders in business and other fields as they face their disillusionment and embark on a journey toward a more rewarding life. These stories of individual growth and transformation will personalize and illuminate your inner journey to "aliveness" and fulfillment. The proven strategies in this book will guide you toward inner peace and joy; healthier, more intimate relationships with your loved ones; and a passionate reconnection with the ultimate purpose of your life.

"Aspirations of Greatness will make a midlife crisis a small bump in the road. It will help you move from disillusionment to destiny in a way that makes aging a delight."
-Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Leadership by the Book

"Aspirations of Greatness beautifully explains how the 'upward' path toward greatness must first go 'downward' through the soul."
-Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus, CEO; The Path; and Jesus, Inc.




1: The Author s Rise and Fall.

2: The Betrayed Executive.

3: The Breakaway Entrepreneur.

4: The Professional.

5: The Family Business Heir.

6: The Maverick.

7: The Small Company Partner.

8: The Minister.


9: Commitment, Focus, Success.

10: Disillusionment and Breakdowns.

11: Denial, Diversions, Escapes, Explosions.

12: The Edge, Numbness, and Breakthroughs.


13: Understanding the Soul Introduction.

14: Our Inner Advisors.

15: The Sovereign.

16: The Warrior.

17: The Magician.

18: The Lover.

19: Energy.


20: Transformation.

21: Surrender, Gratitude, Action.

22: Greatness.

Appendix A: Research Summary.

Appendix B: Leadership Skills and Shadows Assessment.

Appendix C: Clean Talk A Model for Dealing with Conflict.

Appendix D: OnCourse International Retreats and Coaching.