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Assessment Practice in Student Affairs: An Applications Manual

Assessment Practice in Student Affairs: An Applications Manual

ISBN: 978-0-787-95053-8

Dec 2000, Jossey-Bass

536 pages

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When Assessment in Student Affairs was first published in 1996, readers found a practical context for viewing the power of assessment across the domain of student services. Since then, John H. Schuh and M. Lee Upcraft have received numerous requests for more specific guidance to assessing and communicating the value of student affairs. This manual continues the work begun in their earlier book and provides a full range of tools for conducting effective assessments.

The authors begin with an overview of the assessment process and then detail a range of methodologies, approaches, and issues—explaining how to use them and when to recruit expertise from other campus sources. Drawing from the latest practice and a wealth of case studies, they discuss:
  • Qualitative assessment, including how to conduct focus groups
  • Quantitative assessment, including how to select and design instruments
  • Data collection and analysis, including mailed questionnaires, telephone surveys, and Web-based surveys
  • Assessing diverse needs, satisfaction, outcomes, environments, cost effectiveness, and accreditation
  • Specialized assessment studies, including how to review dropouts, graduates, academic success, and group educational programs
  • Select programs in student services, including first-year programs, recreation programs, financial aid, admissions, residence halls, college unions, health services, career services, counseling services, judicial affairs, and Greek life
  • Organizational and ethical approaches to assessment

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Why Assessment in Student Affairs?

Steps in the Assessment Process.


Qualitative Assessment.

Conducting Focus Groups.

Designing and Selecting Quantitative Instruments.

How to Conduct Mail-Out Surveys.

Telephone Surveys (B. Moore).

Web-Based Data Collection (T. Wortman & M. Upcraft).


Needs Assessment.

Satisfaction Assessment.

Assessing Learning Outcomes.

Environmental Assessment.

Assessing Cost Effectiveness (K. Kennedy, et al.).

Assessment and Accreditation.

Drop Out Assessment.

Post-Graduate Assessment


Assessing Student Academic Success (L. Shibley & M. Upcraft).

Assessing Group Educational Programs.

Assessing First-Year Programs (J. Crissman & M. Upcraft).

Assessing Campus Recreation Programs.

Assessing an Office of Financial Aid.

Assessing Admissions Programs.

Assessing Residence Life Programs.

Assessing College Unions.

Assessing Health Services (M. Spear).

Assessing Career Services (J. Rayman).

Assessing Counseling Centers (Dennis Heitzmann & K. Nafziger).

Assessing an Office of Student Conduct.

Assessing Greek Life.

Getting Started.

Arranging for a Consultant.

Ethical Issues.

Strategies for Implementing an Assessment Program.

Resources: Review of Selected Assessment Instruments.
"...should be required reading for every student affairs practitioner." —Journal of Higher Education, July 3, 2002

"In an era of increased accountability, this volume is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding and developing assessments that can demonstrate the efficacy of their programs and services. A perfect sequel to Assessment in Student Affairs." —Charles C. Schroeder, vice chancellor for student affairs, University of Missouri-Columbia

"This essential companion to Assessment in Student Affairs describes assessment tools and a step-by-step approach for use in any student affairs unit. The treatment of cost effectiveness as a component to program assessment is particularly helpful." —Trudy W. Banta, vice chancellor for planning and institutional improvement, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

"If you liked their first book, you will absolutely love this one. Schuh and Upcraft strike it rich again by providing practical and proven strategies for getting assessment done. They tell us when, where, how, and why we should conduct assessments differently within a wide variety of student service departments. Read and apply!" —Gary R. Hanson, professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University

"Assessment in Student Affairs was an important resource for faculty who teach good assessment practices. This volume is an even more comprehensive and useful teaching tool that can benefit every student in the field." —Michael J. Cuyjet, associate professor, University of Louisville