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Assessment in Student Affairs, 2nd Edition



Assessment in Student Affairs, 2nd Edition

John H. Schuh, J. Patrick Biddix, Laura A. Dean, Jillian Kinzie

ISBN: 978-1-119-05116-9 April 2016 400 Pages

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A practical, comprehensive manual for assessment design and implementation

Assessment in Student Affairs, Second Edition offers a contemporary look at the foundational elements and practical application of assessment in student affairs. Higher education administration is increasingly called upon to demonstrate organizational effectiveness and engage in continuous improvement based on information generated through systematic inquiry. This book provides a thorough primer on all stages of the assessment process. From planning to reporting and beyond, you'll find valuable assessment strategies to help you produce meaningful information and improve your program. Combining and updating the thoroughness and practicality of Assessment in Student Affairs and Assessment Practice in Student Affairs, this new edition covers design of assessment projects, ethical practice, student learning outcomes, data collection and analysis methods, report writing, and strategies to implement change based on assessment results. Case studies demonstrate real-world application to help you clearly see how these ideas are used effectively every day, and end-of-chapter discussion questions stimulate deeper investigation and further thinking about the ideas discussed. The instructor resources will help you seamlessly integrate this new resource into existing graduate-level courses.

Student affairs administrators understand the importance of assessment, but many can benefit from additional direction when it comes to designing and implementing evaluations that produce truly useful information. This book provides field-tested approaches to assessment, giving you a comprehensive how-to manual for demonstrating—and improving—the work you do every day.

  • Build your own assessment to demonstrate organizational effectiveness
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative techniques and data
  • Identify metrics and methods for measuring student learning
  • Report and implement assessment findings effectively

Accountability and effectiveness are the hallmarks of higher education administration today, and they are becoming the metrics by which programs and services are evaluated. Strong assessment skills have never been more important. Assessment in Student Affairs gives you the knowledge base and skill set you need to shine a spotlight on what you and your organization are able to achieve.

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About the Authors

Chapter 1: Understanding the Contemporary Assessment Environment

Chapter 2: Designing and Planning an Assessment Project

Chapter 3: Framing Assessment with the Highest Ethical Standards

Chapter 4: Measuring Individual Student Learning and Growth

Chapter 5: Program Outcomes and Program Review

Chapter 6: Facilitating Data Collection and Management

Chapter 7: Using Qualitative Techniques in Conducting Assessments

Chapter 8: Using Quantitative Techniques in Conducting Assessments

Chapter 9: Developing and Selecting instruments

Chapter 10: Assessing Student Campus Environments

Chapter 11: Assessing Quality through Comparisons

Chapter 12: Getting Assessment Projects Started and Ensuring Sustainability

Chapter 13: Reporting Assessment Results and Bringing about Change

Chapter 14: Developing a Culture of Assessment

Chapter 15: Taking a Look at Assessment in the Future: A Look Into Our Crystal Ball

Appendix: Designing and Implementing an Assessment Project