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Assessment of Client Core Issues

Assessment of Client Core Issues

Richard W. Halstead

ISBN: 978-1-119-16952-9

May 2015

128 pages

Select type: E-Book



This monograph instructs counselors on how to better recognize, understand, and treat clients’ underlying problems. The model presented helps uncover the origin of these core concerns, provides a means to address them, and challenges counselors to move beyond the DSM to better serve their clients. This framework will also assist counselors in providing more targeted treatment plans.

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About the Author

CHAPTER 1. An Introduction to Client Core Issues

CHAPTER 2. Conceptual Foundations for Understanding Client Core Issues

CHAPTER 3. Assessment of Core Issues and the Nature of the Client’s Living Story

CHAPTER 4. Designing the Counseling Intervention: Framing the Client’s Living Story

CHAPTER 5. The Case of Sue

CHAPTER 6. Incorporating the Core Issues Framework in Counseling Practice