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Atlantic Rifts and Continental Margins

Atlantic Rifts and Continental Margins

Webster Mohriak (Editor), Manik Talwani (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90098-8

Jan 2000, American Geophysical Union

354 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 115.

Atlantic Rifts and Continental Margins fills a major information gap in the seismic documentation of the passive margins of the Atlantic basin. New techniques have stimulated recent improvements in conceptual models that integrate geological and geophysical methods for interpreting deep water regions. Experts discuss a full spectrum of topics, including the influence of Precambrian compressional tectonics heritage on the formation of continental margins, regional gravity and magnetics, detailed seismic interpretation, and cutting-edge concepts and techniques. This volume will be of interest both to academic geoscientists working in basin analysis and to those engaged in petroleum exploration.

Webster Mohriak and Manik Talwani vii

Webster Mohriak ix

From Collision to Extension: The Roots of the Southeastern Continental Margin of Brazil
Monica Heilbron, Webster U. Mohriak , Claudio M. Valeriano, Edison J. Milani, Julio Almeida,
and Miguel Tupinamb 1

The Mosaic of Terranesin Central Europe as seen by Deep Reflection Studies
Rolf Meissner 33

Deep Structure of North West Europe from Deep Seismic Profiling: The Link Between
Basement Tectonics and Basin Development
Richard W. England 57

Architecture of the Continental Margin in the Gulf of Guinea as Revealed by Reprocessed
Deep-Imaging Seismic Data
Bruce R. Rosendahl and Henrike GroscheI-Becker 85

Tectonica nd Stratigraphic Development of the Rio Muni Basin, Equatorial Guinea: the Role of Transform Zones in Atlantic Basin Evolution
Paul Dailly 105

Evolution of the Angolan Passive Margin, West Africa, with Emphasis on Post-Salt Structural Styles
L. Gyorgy Marton, Gabor C. Tari, and Christoph T. Lehmann 129

Slope Tectonics-Comparisons and Contrasts of Structural Styles of Salt and Shale Tectonics of the
Northern Gulf of Mexico with Shale Tectonics of Offshore Nigeria in Gulf of Guinea
Shengyu Wu and Albert W. Bally 151

Deep-Water, Salt-Cored Foldbelts: Lessons  from the Mississippi Fan and Perdido Foldbelts,
Northern Gulf of Mexico
Mark G. Rowan, Bruce D. Trudgill, and J. Carl Fiduk 173

Geological and Geophysical Interpretation of the San Julian Basin Offshore Argentina
J.R.S. Soares F., A.P. Miranda, and A.M.F. de Figueiredo 193

Inferences Regarding Initiation of Oceanic Crust Formation From the U.S. East Coast Margin
and Conjugate South Atlantic Margins
Manik Talwani and Vitor Abreu 211

The Oceanic Segment of the Southern Brazilian Margin: Morpho-Structurai Domains
and Their Tectonic Significance
Marcelo Bassetto, Fernando F. Alkmim, Peter Szatmari, and Webster U. Mohriak 235

Ocean-Continent Transition and Tectonic Framework of the Oceanic Crust at the Continental Margin off NE Brazil: Results of LEPLAC Project
Paulo Octavio Gomes, Benedito S. Gomes, Jorge J. C. Palma, Koji Jinno, and Jairo M. de Souza 261

Tectonic Evolution of the Rift Basins in the Northeastern Brazilian Region
Webster U. Mohriak, Marcelo Bassetto, and Ines S. Vieira 293

Towards Dynamic Restoration of Geologic Profiles: Some Lessons from Analogue Modelling
Hemin A. Koyi 31 7

Tectonic Evolution of the Equatorial South Atlantic
Renato M. Darros de matos  331