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Atmospheric Chemistry of Chlorine and Sulfur Compounds: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 4 - 6, 1957

Atmospheric Chemistry of Chlorine and Sulfur Compounds: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 4 - 6, 1957

James P. Lodge Jr. (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66896-2

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

129 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 3.

This volume presents a group of papers and an extensive discussion held at the Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 4-6, 1957. The date is memorable, since the sessions began on the morning after the launching of the Russians' second Sputnik. The meeting was convened by the Committee on Atmospheric Chemistry, Section of Meteorology, American Geophysical Union. It was jointly sponsored by the American Geophysical Union and the U.S. Public Health Service, with funds for the travel of the foreign attendees, and for the publication of this volume, provided by the National Science Foundation.

James P. Lodge, Jr.  v

Group Photograph of Participants vi

Welcome by Director, Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center
Harry G. Hanson  vii

Welcome by Chairman, Committee on Atrnospheric Chemistry, AGU
James P. Lodge, Jr.  vii

Welcome by Chief, Air Pollution Engineering Research 
Arthur C. Stern  viii

Welcome by Honorary Chairman 
H. Fraser Johnstone  viii


Hygroscopic Particles in the Atmosphere and Their Identification by a
Phase-Transition Method 
S. Twomey  1

Discussion 7

Applications of Chloride Reagent Film
N. H. Farlow   11

Discussion   16

Micrurgic Identification of Chloride and Sulfate 
R. D. Cadle   18

Techniques of Precipitation Analysis (Summary)
Erik Eriksson   22

Discussion   22

Techniques for Measurement  of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Oxides
Morris B. Jacobs   24

Discussion   34

Spectrophotometric Determination of Chloride in Air
Philip W. West and Hans Coll   37

Discussion   41

Determination of Sulfur Dioxide in the Atmosphere (Summary)
Philip W. West and G. C. Gaeke, Jr.   43

Discussion   43

General Discussion of Preceding Seven Papers Relating to Analytical Methods   45


Improved Titrilog Sensitivity, Part I--Development (Summary)
John S. Nader and John L. Dolphin   51

Discussion   51

Improved Titrilog Sensitivity, Part II--Field Performance and Evaluation (Summary)
Herbert C. McKee and William L. Rollwitz   53

Discussion   53

Sulfur Dioxide in Atmospheric Pollution, and Methods of Control
D. Bienstock, J. I-I. Field, and H. E. Benson   54

Discussion   60

Transport of SO2 in the Atmosphere from a Single Source
F. E. Gatttell, F. W. Thomas, and S. B. Carpenter   63

Discussion 67


Calcium Sulfate Content of Urban Air
Lucy Sumi, Ann Corkery, and J. L. Monkman   69

Discussion   79

Concentration of Sulfur-Containing Pollutants in a Major Urban Area
Morris B. Jacobs   81

Discussion 87

Some Analytical and Clinical Aspects of British Urban Air Pollution
P. J. Lawther   88

Discussion   94

Chloride Particle Measurements in the Southwestern United States
W. D. Crozier   97

Discussion   102

Chloride and Sulfate Particles in the Atmosphere (Summary)
Horace R. Byers   104

Discussion   104

Artificial Cloud Nucleation with Sodium Chloride  
E.M. Fournier d'Albe   106

Study of the SO2  Oxidationin Solution and its Role in Atmospheric Chemistry (Summary)
Christian E. Junge and T. G. Ryan   111

Discussion   111

Kinetics of the Reaction between Ammonia and Sulfufic Acid Droplets in an Aerosol( Summary)
R. D. Cadle and R. C. Robbins   113

Discussion   113


The Behavior of Sulphur Dioxide in the Atmosphere
A. K. Meetham   115

The Distribution of Sea Salt and Sulfate in Rain Water over the United States (Summary) 
Christian E. Junge   122 

Choride Carried Inland by Maritime Winds Compared by Chloride Found in Rain and River Waters(Summary)
A. H. Woodcock   123

On the Geochemistry of Chloride and Sulfate 
Erik Eriksson   124


List of Participants  129