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Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry and Physics

Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry and Physics

Ulrich Pöschl, Michel Rossi

ISBN: 978-3-527-69740-3

Jan 2019

500 pages


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This comprehensive and timely reference is unique in presenting a balanced discussion of this highly important topic.
The excellent editors and highly respected chapter authors discuss all important aspects, from physico-chemical concepts via instrumental developments right up to impacts on health and the global climate. Chapters on complex measurement strategies as well as on the latest developments in experimental and theoretical cloud and aerosol science guide the reader from practical aspects to theoretical models. With many up-to-date bibliographic references for easy access to further in-depth and detailed information.
Introduction: Classes of atmospheric particles and interfaces (aerosol, POA/SOA, bioaerosol, clouds,ice/liquid/mixed clouds, fog and haze, ground), atmospheric/air quality and molecular views
Physical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds. Especially those properties important in the Climate Discussion (cloud formation): Extinction, absorption, scattering cross sections, external/internal mixtures, hygroscopicity
New Particle (Gas-to-Particle) Formation (CLOUD Project at CERN)
Nucleation Phenomena in Freezing Transitions, Ice Nucleation & CCN activation
Gas-Particle Partitioning
Phase Diagrams & Transitions, Supersaturations, Viscosity
Thermochemistry & Kinetics of Aqueous/Condensed Phase Reactions Including Free Radical Reactions In Solution
Thermochemistry & Kinetics of Interfacial Reactions
Ionic And Free Radical Processes On Atmospheric Clusters In The Free Troposphere And Lower Stratosphere
Health Effects -
Molecular Mechanisms: ROS/RNS, Antioxidants, Immunological Reactions
Global Modeling: Global Emissions/Formation, Transport, Climate & Health Effects
New Instrumental Developments & Modeling Tools:
* API-TOF, STXM, SFG, viscosity, high pressure XPS
* kinetic multilayer models, molecular dynamics
Dry/Wet Deposition Of Atmospheric Aerosols And Hydrometeros
Influence Of Aerosols On Climate: Global and Regional Aspects
Outlook: potential applications of multiphase kinetics/thermodynamics in catalysis, energy conversion, green chemistry, plasma chemistry