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Atmospheric Science Across the Stratopause

Atmospheric Science Across the Stratopause

David E. Siskind (Editor), Stephen D. Eckermann (Editor), Michael E. Summers (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90981-3

Jan 2000, American Geophysical Union

342 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 123.

In recent years, two separate geophysical research cultures have developed in the United States to study the atmosphere: one of space scientists, who focus on the mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere, and the other of atmospheric scientists, who focus on the troposphere and stratosphere. The boundary between these two research domains roughly coincides with the stratopause (50 km). While the division ofthe atmosphere into layers and boundaries serves as a useful way to characterize the various chemical and dynamical processes that distinguish these layers, these boundaries are not impermeable. To understand such critical issues as global change, geophysicists must study the atmosphere as an integrated system. The purpose of this monograph is to highlight those studies that consider the coupling of these two regions and thus bring together two scientific specialties (atmospheric science and space science) that are often considered separately.

David E. Siskind, Stephen D. Eckermann, and Michael E. Summers ix

David E. Siskind, Stephen D. Eckermann, and Michael E. Summers 1


Natural and Human-Induced Perturbations in the Middle Atmosphere: A Short Tutorial
Guy P. Brasseur, Anne K. Smith, Rashid Khosravi, Theresa Huang, Stacy Walters, Simon Chabrillat,
and Gaston Kockarts 7

The Role of Waves in the Transport Circulation of the Middle Atmosphere
James R. Holton and M. Joan Alexander 21

A Contemporary Assessment of the Mesospheric Energy Budget
Martin G. Mlynczak 37

On the Feasibility of Developing a Global Atmospheric Model Extending From the Ground to the Exosphere
R. G. Roble 53

Chemistry and Energetics

Sprites, Blue Jets and Elves: Optical Evidence of Energy Transport Across the Stratopause
Matthew J. Heavner, Davis D. Sentman, Dana R. Moudry, Eugene M. V\/escott, Carl L. Siefring,
Jeff S. Morrill, and Eric J. Bucsela 69

A Review of C02 and CO Abundances in the Middle Atmosphere
Manuel Lopez -Puertas, Miguel A. Lopez-Valverde, Rolando R. Garcia, and Raymond C. Roble 83

On the Coupling Between Middle and Upper Atmospheric Odd Nitrogen
David E. Siskind  101

Insights into Middle Atmospheric Hydrogen Chemistry from Analysis of MAHRSI OH Observations
Michael E. Summers and Robert R. Conway 117

A Review of Hydroxyl in the Middle Atmosphere: Comparison of Measured and Modeled Vertical Profiles and Ground-Based Column Observations
T. Canty, K. Minschwaner, K. W. Jucks, and A. K. Smith 131

Energetic Electrons and Their Effects on Upper Stratospheric and Mesospheric Ozone in May 1992
W. Dean Pesnell, Richard A. Goldberg, D. L. Chenette, E. E. Gaines, and Charles H. Jackman 137


Turbulence Dynamics and Mixing due to Gravity Waves in the Lower and Middle Atmosphere
David C. Fritts and Joseph A. Werne 143

The Role of Equatorial Waves in the Semiannual Oscillation of the Middle Atmosphere
Rolando R. Garcia 161

Modeling Atmospheric Tidal Propagation Across the Stratopause
M. E. Hagan 177

Observations of Southern Polar Descent and Coupling in the Thermosphere, Mesosphere and Stratosphere Provided by HALOE
James M. Russell III and R. Bradley Pierce 191

Sudden Stratospheric and Stratopause Warmings: Observations of Temperatures in the Middle Atmosphere above Eureka
Thomas J. Duck, James A. Whiteway and Allan I. Carswell 207

Year-round Temperature and Wave Measurements of the Arctic Middle Atmosphere for 1995-1998
Andrew J. Gerrard, Timothy J. Kane, and Jeffrey Thayer 213

Interannual Variability of the Diurnal Tide in the Low-latitude Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
During Equinoxes: Mechanistic Model Interpretation of the 1992-96 HRDI Measurements
Valery A. Yudin, Marvin A. Geller, Ling Wang, and Stephen D. Eckermann 221

Long Term Changes

Free and Forced Interannual Variability of the Circulation in the Extratropical Northern Hemisphere Middle Atmosphere
Kevin Hamilton 227

Future Changes in Upper Stratospheric Ozone
K. W. Jucks and R. J. Salawitch 241

Ground-based Microwave Observations of Middle Atmospheric Water Vapor in the 1990s
Gerald E. Nedoluha, Richard M. Bevilacqua, R. Michael Gomez, Brian G. Hicks, James M. Russell III, and Brian D. Connor 257

Interannual Changes in Stratospheric Constituents and Global Circulation Derived from Satellite Data
William J. Randel, Fei Wu, J. M. Russell III, J. M. Zawodny and John Nash 271

New Experiments and New Models

Recent Improvements in Middle Atmospheric Remote Sounding Techniques: The CRISTA-SPAS Experiment
Klaus U. Grossman 287

THOMAS 2.5 THz Measurements of Middle Atmospheric OH: Comparison With MAHRSI Observations and Model Results
Christoph R. Englert, BirgerA. Schimpf, Manfred Birk, Franz Schreier, Robert R. Conway,
Michael H. Stevens, and Michael E. Summers 305

Numerical Simulations of Mountain Waves in the Middle Atmosphere Over the Southern Andes
Kwok-Aun Tan and Stephen D. Eckermann 311

Planetary Wave Two Signatures in CRISTA 2 Ozone and Temperature Data
W. E. Ward, J. Oberheide, M. Riese, P. Preusse, and D. Offerman 319

Nighttime 02 and O3 Profiles Measured by MSX/UVISI Using Stellar Occultation Techniques
Jeng-Hwa Yee, Robert DeMajistre, Ronald J. Vervack, Jr., Frank Morgan, James F. Carbary,
Gerald J. Romick, Daniel Morrison, Steven A. Lloyd, Philip L. DeCola, Larry j. Paxton,
Donald E. Anderson, C. Krishna Kumar, and Ching-I Meng  327

Coupled Models of Photochemistry and Dynamics in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
Xun Zhu, Jeng-Hwa Yee, and Darrell F. Strobel 337