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Attachment in Intellectual and Developmental Disability: A Clinician's Guide to Practice and Research



Attachment in Intellectual and Developmental Disability: A Clinician's Guide to Practice and Research

Helen K. Fletcher, Andrea Flood, Dougal Julian Hare

ISBN: 978-1-118-93804-1 May 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 296 Pages


Attachment in Intellectual and Developmental Disability: A Clinician’s Guide to Practice and Research is the first book to explore the clinical difficulties associated with attachment relationships in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Draws together knowledge from disparate sources in a definitive new resource for clinicians working in this area
  • A growing body of evidence-based approaches in this area are underpinned by attachment theory, including direct intervention and the use of attachment theory to understand interactions and relationships
  • Presents and integrates cutting-edge models and approaches that have previously been available only to specialists
  • Written by mainstream practitioners who are active in clinical work and research; focused on real-world applications, with illustrative case examples throughout
About the Contributors  vii

Foreword  xiv

Acknowledgements  xvi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Dougal Julian Hare, Helen K Fletcher and Andrea Flood

Chapter 2 An Overview of Attachment Theory: Bowlby and Beyond 8
Helen K Fletcher and Deanna J Gallichan

Chapter 3 Attachment Relationships Between Parents and Their Children: The Impact of ‘The Loss of the Healthy Child’ 33
Helen K Fletcher

Chapter 4 Assessing Attachment Relationships in People with Intellectual Disabilities 59
Samantha Walker, Victoria Penketh, Hazel Lewis and Dougal Julian Hare

Chapter 5 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attachment: A Clinician’s Perspective 79
Ewan Perry and Andrea Flood

Chapter 6 Maintaining the Bond: Working with People who are Described as Showing Challenging Behaviour Using a Framework Based on Attachment Theory 104
Allan Skelly

Chapter 7 Psychotherapy and Attachment Dynamics in People with Intellectual Disabilities: A Personal View 130
Pat Frankish

Chapter 8 Adult Attachment and Care Staff Functioning 151
Carlo Schuengel, Jennifer Clegg, J Clasien de Schipper and Sabina Kef

Chapter 9 Have a Heart: Helping Services to Provide Emotionally Aware Support 172
Amanda Shackleton

Chapter 10 Attachment Trauma and Pathological Mourning in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities 197
Deanna J Gallichan and Carol George

Chapter 11 Attachment, Personality Disorder and Offending: Clinical Implications 223
Lesley Steptoe, William R Lindsay, Caroline Finlay and Sandra Miller

Chapter 12 Getting Intimate: Using Attachment Theory to Understand Intimate Relationships in our Work with People with Intellectual Disabilities 244
Nancy Sheppard and Myooran Canagaratnam

Index 266