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Attack and Defend Computer Security Set



Attack and Defend Computer Security Set

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Defend your networks and data from attack with this unique two-book security set

The Attack and Defend Computer Security Set is a two-book set comprised of the bestselling second edition of Web Application Hacker’s Handbook and Malware Analyst’s Cookbook. This special security bundle combines coverage of the two most crucial tactics used to defend networks, applications, and data from attack while giving security professionals insight into the underlying details of these attacks themselves.

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook takes a broad look at web application security and exposes the steps a hacker can take to attack an application, while providing information on how the application can defend itself. Fully updated for the latest security trends and threats, this guide covers remoting frameworks, HTML5, and cross-domain integration techniques along with clickjacking, framebusting, HTTP parameter pollution, XML external entity injection, hybrid file attacks, and more.

The Malware Analyst's Cookbook includes a book and DVD and is designed to enhance the analytical capabilities of anyone who works with malware. Whether you’re tracking a Trojan across networks, performing an in-depth binary analysis, or inspecting a machine for potential infections, the recipes in this book will help you go beyond the basic tools for tackling security challenges to cover how to extend your favorite tools or build your own from scratch using C, Python, and Perl source code. The companion DVD features all the files needed to work through the recipes in the book and to complete reverse-engineering challenges along the way.

The Attack and Defend Computer Security Set gives your organization the security tools needed to sound the alarm and stand your ground against malicious threats lurking online.


Chapter 1: Web Application (In)security 1

Chapter 2: Core Defense Mechanisms 17

Chapter 3: Web Application Technologies 39

Chapter 4: Mapping the Application 73

Chapter 5: Bypassing Client-Side Controls 117

Chapter 6: Attacking Authentication 159

Chapter 7: Attacking Session Management 205

Chapter 8: Attacking Access Controls 257

Chapter 9: Attacking Data Stores 287

Chapter 10: Attacking Back-End Components 357

Chapter 11: Attacking Application Logic 405

Chapter 12: Attacking Users: Cross-Site Scripting 431

Chapter 13: Attacking Users: Other Techniques 501

Chapter 14: Automating Customized Attacks 571

Chapter 15: Exploiting Information Disclosure 615

Chapter 16: Attacking Native Compiled Applications 633

Chapter 17: Attacking Application Architecture 647

Chapter 18: Attacking the Application Server 669

Chapter 19: Finding Vulnerabilities in Source Code 701

Chapter 20: A Web Application Hacker’s Toolkit 747

Chapter 21: A Web Application Hacker’s Methodology 791


Chapter 1: Anonymizing Your Activities 1

Chapter 2: Honeypots 27

Chapter 3: Malware Classifi cation 51

Chapter 4: Sandboxes and Multi-AV Scanners 89

Chapter 5: Researching Domains and IP Addresses 119

Chapter 6: Documents, Shellcode, and URLs 155

Chapter 7: Malware Labs 211

Chapter 8: Automation 239

Chapter 9: Dynamic Analysis 283

Chapter 10: Malware Forensics 337

Chapter 11: Debugging Malware 395

Chapter 12: De-Obfuscation 441

Chapter 13: Working with DLLs 487

Chapter 14: Kernel Debugging 511

Chapter 15: Memory Forensics with Volatility 571

Chapter 16: Memory Forensics: Code Injection and Extraction 601

Chapter 17: Memory Forensics: Rootkits 637

Chapter 18: Memory Forensics: Network and Registry 673