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Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability

Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability

Neen James

ISBN: 978-1-119-48052-5 March 2018 224 Pages




Drive profitability, productivity, and accountability

To create extraordinary lives, we must learn to “unplug” from the constant barrage of disruptions and “plug in” to the tools, strategies, and mindsets that allow us to harness our attention to reach our highest potential—and this book shows you how.

Attention Pays spotlights on the power of attention and absolute focus. Personally: WHO we pay attention to. Professionally: WHAT we pay attention to. And Globally: HOW we pay attention in the world—and to the world. In an on-demand, 24/7 society, where distractions cost millions of people productivity, profitability, relationships and peace, it's time to pay attention to what matters most.

•    Includes powerful tips and tricks increase profitability  

•    Shows you how to achieve maximum accountability and results

•    Provides strategies to help you productively manage daily tasks

•    Offers guidance on improving your daily attention and focus

If you’re ready drive profitably, increase productivity and boost accountability, it’s time to tune out the noise, focus on what really matters and learn how Attention Pays.

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List of Illustrations xxi

Acknowledgments xxiii

A Love Note From Neen xxiii

About the Author xxvii

Introduction xxix

Does Your Attention Pay? xxix

The Costs of Inattention xxxi

Intention Is What Makes Attention Valuable xxxii

An Attention Revolution xxxiv

Attention Pays xxxv

Attention Is Yoga for Your Mind xxxvii


Chapter 1 Our Attention-Deficit Society 3

Internal Factors 5

The Great Multitasking Myth 5

The “Over Trilogy” — Overwhelmed, Overstressed, and Overtired 6

Generational Differences 9

External Factors 11

Physical Environment 11

How the Media and Information Overload Changed Our Attention 12

Our Technology Addiction 14

Our Addiction to Social Media and Apps 18

Destruction of the Work-Life Boundary 21

The Costs of the Attention-Deficit Society 24

Chapter 2 Listen with Your Eyes: The Power of Intentional Attention 29

Intentional Attention 31

Conscious Versus Unconscious 31

Deliberate Versus Distracted 32

Transformational Versus Transactional 33

The Intentional Attention Model 35

Change Is Hard — But Oh So Worth It! 38

Change Your Brain 39

Change Your Focus 41

Change Your Habits 43

How to Make Your Attention Pay 47


Chapter 3 Personalize Performance: Brand Building, Nido Qubein Style 53

Practice Self-Care 55

Establish a Morning Routine 56

Establish a Night Routine 57

Schedule Recovery Time 59

Set Boundaries with Your Devices and Social Media 60

Manage Your Personal Brand 62

What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You? 62

Become Your Own Publicist 65

Always Plan for the Next Opportunity 65

Find and Connect with Advocates 67

Be the Duck 68

Seek Feedback 68

Manage Your Communications 69

Grow Your Confidence 69

Be Conscious of Your Language 70

Chapter 4 Focus on VIPs: Systemize Thoughtfulness 73

Focus on Your VIPs 74

Who Needs Your Attention in Your Personal Life? 74

Who Needs Your Attention at Work? 77

The Other Kind of VIPs 79

Manage Your Communications with Others 80

Use People’s Names 80

Be a Fascinated Listener 80

Know Their Preferred Communication Style and Mode 82

Manage Your Relationships with Others 83

Step Away from the Device! 83

Create Significant Moments 84

Rev Your RAZ for Recognition 87

Implement Systemized Thoughtfulness 88


Chapter 5 Prioritize Your Priorities: Create Significant Moments 95

Pack Your Highest Priorities 97

Protect Your Time 99

Systemize Your Calendar 100

Defend Against Your Biggest Distraction 103

Outsource Your Life 106

Guard Your Focus 107

“No” Is a Complete Sentence 108

Bring Back the Gatekeeper 110

Fight Decision Fatigue 111

Discipline Your Use of Devices and Social Media 112

Chapter 6 Create a Culture of Attention: Stop the Madness 117

Show Them the Path and then Empower Them to Take It 118

Cultivate an Environment Where Productivity Thrives 121

Create an Agile Work Culture 121

Reduce Stress and Promote Healthy Choices 125

Stop the Meeting Madness 129

Communicate Clearly with Contextual Models 132


Chapter 7 Make an Impact: The Great (Disappearing) Barrier Reef 139

You Can Make an Impact 141

Leverage Your Leadership 143

Organizational Stewardship 144

Create a Connection 144

Being Responsible Can also Be Profitable 145

The Power of Employee Service Days 146

Chapter 8 Join the Attention Revolution 149

Bonus Chapter: Build an Organization That Pays Attention 154

Empower Your Team to Give Intentional Attention 156

Leverage Social Media to Surprise and Delight Customers 160

Systemize Thoughtfulness — The Mendlowski Method 162

Ensure Customers Get a Consistent Experience 163

Give Attention to Get Attention 164

Peloton: The Poster Child for Intentional Attention 166

Endnotes 170

Index 177