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Attention and Skills Learning


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Attention and Skills Learning

Peter Reddy

ISBN: 978-1-854-33063-5 August 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 32 Pages


Open Learning Units offer a very flexible approach to the teaching of psychology. They are designed to be more than sufficient for the purposes of A/S and A-Level psychology, and the applied emphasis will appeal to various vocational courses such as those offered by BTEC and also to mature students on Access courses.
Their primary use will be in the classroom with a tutor's guidance, but the interactive style makes them equally appropriate for the purposes of self-study. More advanced students might want to use the Units to learn at their own pace, and in all cases, the careful structure of the writing and the extensive use of Examples, Open Questions and Self-Assessment Questions make them ideal revision guides.
Part 1: Selective Attention.

Paying attention?.

Why study attention?.

Bottleneck models of attention.

Broadbent’s filter model.

Treisman’s attenuation model.

Deutsch and Deutsch’s late selection model.


Part 2: Automatic and Attention Processing.

Dividing attention.

Attention and skill.

Capacity model.


Part 3: Sustained Attention.

Sustained attention or vigilance.



Further Reading.



Answers to Self-Assessment Questions.