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Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking, All New 5th Edition

Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking, All New 5th Edition

Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller

ISBN: 978-0-764-56871-8

Feb 2004

501 pages



Master today's toolmaking equipment

Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic and digital controls, is the ultimate guide to automated machines and toolmaking. Whether you're a professional machinist, an apprentice, or a trade student, this fully illustrated volume helps you work with metal-safely, precisely, efficiently-using today's tools and techniques. It's packed with review questions for students, and loaded with answers you need on the job.
* Understand automated machine fundamentals and work with jigs and fixtures
* Learn the basics of spiral and helix milling, gear cutting, and cam machining
* Discover how to cut, punch, or shape a die with minimum waste
* Master the operations of today's grinders and lapping machines
* Find out all about toolmaking, from allowances and tolerances to layouts and master plates
* Follow the clear, step-by-step illustrations to gain a hands-on knowledge of techniques and procedures

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Chapter 1: Jigs and Fixtures.

Chapter 2: Helix and Spiral Calculations.

Chapter 3: Spur Gear Computations.

Chapter 4: Gears and Gear Cutting.

Chapter 5: Cams and Cam Design.

Chapter 6: Dies and Diemaking.

Chapter 7: Grinding.

Chapter 8: Laps and Lapping.

Chapter 9: Toolmaking Operations.

Chapter 10: Heat-Treating Furnaces.

Chapter 11: Annealing, Hardening, and Tempering.

Chapter 12: Principles of Induction Heating.

Chapter 13: High-Frequency Induction Heating.

Chapter 14: Furnace Brazing.

Chapter 15: Cold-Treating Process.

Chapter 16: Automatic Lathes.

Chapter 17: The Automatic Screw Machine.

Chapter 18: Automated Machine Tools.

Chapter 19: Computerized Machining.

Appendix: Reference Materials.