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Audel Complete Building Construction, All New 5th Edition

Audel Complete Building Construction, All New 5th Edition

Mark Richard Miller, Rex Miller, Eugene Leger

ISBN: 978-0-764-57879-3 January 2005 718 Pages




You can build on this foundation

Whether construction is your livelihood or you're just planning a home addition, you need to know the latest about materials, methods, and more. From locating the structure on the site to installing roof shingles, this book helps you make responsible decisions about every stage of building construction. Fully updated with information about available resources, new materials, and recent code changes, it helps you build cost-effective, energy-efficient structures with confidence.
* Understand how different types of lots, covenants, and zoning will affect structure placement
* Consider the Air Freezing Index and Degree Days when planning foundations
* Look at the pros and cons of welded wire fabric in concrete work
* Explore low-E window glass, heat mirror, and switchable glazings
* Find out what insulation and ventilation procedures are most effective
* Learn about the properties of Gypsonite(TM) and FiberBond(TM) in interior construction
* Handle the radon hazard and other environmental issues

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Chapter 1: Location of Structure on Site.

Chapter 2: Concrete.

Chapter 3: Foundations.

Chapter 4: Finishing and Curing Concrete.

Chapter 5: Concrete Block.

Chapter 6: Chimneys and Fireplaces.

Chapter 7: Woods Used in Construction.

Chapter 8: Framing Lumber.

Chapter 9: Girders and Engineered Lumber.

Chapter 10: Floor Framing.

Chapter 11: Outer Wall Framing.

Chapter 12: Roof Framing.

Chapter 13: Roofing.

Chapter 14: Cornice Construction.

Chapter 15: Sheathing and Siding.

Chapter 16: Windows.

Chapter 17: Insulation.

Chapter 18: Interior Walls and Ceilings.

Chapter 19: Stairs.

Chapter 20: Flooring.

Chapter 21: Doors.

Chapter 22: Ceramic Tile.

Chapter 23: Attic Ventilation.

Chapter 24: Radon.

Appendix: Reference Materials.