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Audel Industrial Multi-Craft Mini-Ref



Audel Industrial Multi-Craft Mini-Ref

Thomas B. Davis

ISBN: 978-1-118-14119-9 October 2011 192 Pages

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An essential, pocket-sized manual for industrial craftspeople from a brand relied on for more than a century

The Audel™ Industrial Trades Multi-Craft Reference Manual is aimed at the industrial mechanic, millwright, machinist, plumber, pipefitter, welder, carpenter, sheet metal mechanic, and other skilled craftspeople who need quick, no-nonsense access to dependable information—fast. Including up-to-date focus on "green" thinking and industrial sustainability, this handy, compact guide serves as an ideal on-the-job reference on topics such as pump facts, bearing information, motor facts, wood and carpentry, pipefitting, welding, blacksmithing, and much more.

  • New Audel book from bestselling author Tom Davis
  • Topics searchable by machine, device, or material
  • Heavily illustrated and designed with lay-flat binding for ease of use on the job
  • Includes worked-out examples when math is presented to accelerate learning

Building on a rich legacy of titles from the celebrated Audel brand, this new addition to their esteemed lineup continues the tradition of delivering trusted content skilled workers reach for the most.

Preface v

Chapter 1 Machining 01

Drilling 01

Drill Press Troubleshooting 02

Drill Sharpening 03

Drill Sizes and Decimal Equivalents 06

Screw Threads 09

Drilling and Tapping a Hole 12

Calculating a Tap Drill Size without a Table 15

Screw Thread—Drill and Tap Chart (UNC and UNF) 16

Taper Pipe—Drill and Tap Chart (NPT) 17

Screw Thread—Drill and Tap Chart (UNEF) 17

Metalworking Lubricants 18

Chapter 2 Metals 19

Thermal Expansion of Metals 19

Linear Expansion for Various Materials 21

Chapter 3 Repairs and Rebuilding 24

Stub Shaft Repair 24

Freeing Frozen Bolts 28

Removing Broken Bolts 30

Chapter 4 Machinery Inspection and Measurement 32

Reading a Micrometer 32

Using a Strobe Light 39

Vibration Measurement 44

Simple Vibration Severity Test 56

Vibration Calibration 57

Detecting a Bad Bearing 58

Chapter 5 Lubrication 59

Prepacking a Bearing with Grease 59

Calibration of a Grease Gun 60

How Much Grease to Add to a Bearing 62

Grease Relubrication Interval 64

Chapter 6 Bearings 69

Bearing Identification Numbers 69

Bearing Dimension Tables 74

Bearing Installation 78

Fitting of Antifriction Bearings 81

Bearing Bore and Shaft Seat Dimensions 83

Bearing OD and Housing Dimensions—100 Series 84

Bearing OD and Housing Dimensions—200 Series 85

Bearing OD and Housing Dimensions—300 Series 86

Bearing OD and Housing Dimensions—400 Series 87

Chapter 7 Shaft Alignment 88

Rough Shaft Alignment 88

Correcting Soft Foot 90

Shim Chart 93

Straightedge and Feeler Gage Alignment 94

Chapter 8 V-Belt Drives 95

V-Belt Drives 95

V-Belt Sheave Inspection 97

Sheave Speed Ratio Calculation 98

V-Belt Tensioning—Force Deflection Method 101

V-Belt Tensioning—Percent Elongation Method 105

Belt Length Calculation 108

Standard V-Belt Lengths 110

Chapter 9 Mechanical Bushings 113

Mechanical Bushings 113

Mechanical Bushings—QD Installation 114

Mechanical Bushings—Taper Lock Installation 117

Chapter 10 Electricity 118

The Laws of Electricity 118

Chapter 11 Electric Motors 122

Understanding and Troubleshooting Industrial Induction Motors 122

Improving Motor Bearing Life 125

Electric Motor Insulation Values 128

Industrial Motor Dimension Charts 129

Electric Motor Sleeve Bearing Wear 134

Industrial Motor Keyseat Dimensions and Horsepower Ratings 135

Adding a Wire to a Conduit 136

Chapter 12 Centrifugal Pumps 138

Understanding and Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps 138

Packing a Pump 144

Centrifugal Pump Affinity Laws Explanation 146

Chapter 13 Industrial Fans 155

Understanding and Troubleshooting Industrial Fans 155

Balancing a Fan 164

Chapter 14 Welding 174

Oxyacetylene Gas Welding 174

Chapter 15 Miscellaneous Information 178