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Audel Installation Requirements of the 2005 National Electrical Code, All New Edition

Audel Installation Requirements of the 2005 National Electrical Code, All New Edition

Paul Rosenberg

ISBN: 978-0-764-57899-1

Jan 2005

287 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The Code, and how to use it

The voluminous 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC)? affects many disciplines, but what you need to know is how it influences your work as an installer. Organized by the type of wiring involved, this indispensable guide extracts and explains only the information that applies to installation. It's a practical reference that highlights what's new, what's changed, and what you must do to comply.
* Understand your responsibilities under the 2005 NEC
* Become familiar with new guidelines for required circuits and load calculations
* Learn new grounding definitions and requirements for feeder panels
* Identify the types of conduit and tubing needed for various installations
* Recognize where guidelines for lighting fixtures have changed
* Quickly locate code sections relating to HVAC, home appliances, swimming pools, and communication systems
* See how to bring old installations up to code

Chapter 1: General Requirements.

Chapter 2: Branch Circuits.

Chapter 3: Feeders.

Chapter 4: Services.

Chapter 5: Overcurrent Protection.

Chapter 6: Grounding.

Chapter 7: Wiring Requirements.

Chapter 8: Wiring in Cable.

Chapter 9: Wiring in Conduit.

Chapter 10: Raceways and Wireways.

Chapter 11: Busways.

Chapter 12: Outlet and Pull Boxes.

Chapter 13: Switches and Switchboards.

Chapter 14: Cords.

Chapter 15: Lighting Fixtures.

Chapter 16: Receptacles.

Chapter 17: Appliances.

Chapter 18: Motors and Controllers.

Chapter 19: HVAC Equipment.

Chapter 20: Generators.

Chapter 21: Transformers.

Chapter 22: Capacitors, Resistors, and Batteries.

Chapter 23: Hazardous Locations.

Chapter 24: Service Stations.

Chapter 25: Bulk Storage Plants.

Chapter 26: Spray Areas.

Chapter 27: Health Care Facilities.

Chapter 28: Places of Assembly, Theaters, Motion Picture and Television Studios.

Chapter 29: Signs.

Chapter 30: Manufactured Wiring Systems.

Chapter 31: Mobile Homes and RV Parks.

Chapter 32: Data Processing Areas.

Chapter 33: Swimming Pools.

Chapter 34: Solar Electric Systems.

Chapter 35: Emergency Systems.

Chapter 36: High Voltage.

Chapter 37: Low Voltage.

Chapter 38: Fiber-Optic Cables.

Chapter 39: Communications.

Chapter 40: Special Installations.