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Audel Managing Maintenance Storerooms



Audel Managing Maintenance Storerooms

Michael V. Brown

ISBN: 978-0-764-55767-5 August 2004 264 Pages


Manage to save time and money

A properly managed storeroom is the difference between having parts when you need them and spending too much time and money getting them when the need becomes critical. This book shows you how to plan, equip, stock, catalog, and manage a storeroom that will benefit both your workers and the company. Discover cost-effective ways to maintain essential stock, how to conduct audits, and even ways to negotiate better prices.
* Choose the most practical site, storage system, lighting, and security
* Plan what parts you need, when they should arrive, and how best to catalog them
* Set standards and balance quality and price
* Plan an efficient physical layout and organize your storeroom to balance space limitations against shelving cost
* Establish an inventory system that works
* Learn what you need to know about purchasing laws, contracts, warranties, and ethical practices
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Chapter 1. Maintenance Materials Management.

Chapter 2. Storeroom Layout and Stocking Methods.

Chapter 3. Inventory and Control Procedures.

Chapter 4. Storeroom and Inventory Control Improvements.

Chapter 5. Storeroom Measurements.

Chapter 6. Computerized Inventory Management Systems.

Chapter 7. Purchasing for the Storeroom.

Appendix A: Item Description Examples.

Appendix B: Maintenance Policy and Procedures.

Appendix C: Skill Requirements for Storekeepers.

Appendix D: Unit Abbreviations.