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Audel Practical Electricity, All New 5th Edition

Audel Practical Electricity, All New 5th Edition

Paul Rosenberg, Robert Gordon Middleton

ISBN: 978-0-764-57407-8

Jun 2004

480 pages



Everything begins with the basics

To succeed in any of today's electrical specialties, you must first understand the fundamentals. This concise guidebook, fully updated and revised to comply with the National Electrical Code,? provides that solid foundation in electrical theory, circuitry, and common applications. Whether you're pursuing an electrical career, need a refresher course, or simply want to understand the wiring in your home, you'll learn the basics from this book.
* Examine the fundamentals of magnetism and electric-ity, conductors, insulators, and circuits
* Study common applications including house wiring, lighting, cables, electric heating, and generating
* Become familiar with test procedures and electromagnetic induction
* Understand inductive and capacitive AC circuits and the principles of alternating current
* Explore alarm and intercom wiring, home circuiting, and multiple switching
* Find out how generating stations and substations function
* Learn from clear, specific text, functional illustrations, and review questions in every chapter

Chapter 1: Magnetism and Electricity.

Chapter 2: Conductors and Insulators.

Chapter 3: Electric Circuits.

Chapter 4: Series-Parallel Circuits.

Chapter 5: Electromagnetic Induction.

Chapter 6: Principles of Alternating Currents.

Chapter 7: Inductive and Capacitive AC Circuits.

Chapter 8: Electric Lighting.

Chapter 9: Lighting Calculations.

Chapter 10: Basic House Wiring.

Chapter 11: Wiring with Armored Cable and Conduit.

Chapter 12: Home Circuiting, Multiple Switching, and Wiring Requirements.

Chapter 13: Electric Heating.

Chapter 14: Alarms and Intercoms.

Chapter 15: Generating Stations and Substations.