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Audel Refrigeration Home and Commercial, All New 5th Edition

Audel Refrigeration Home and Commercial, All New 5th Edition

Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller, Edwin P. Anderson

ISBN: 978-0-764-57117-6

Oct 2004

768 pages

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Know how to put a chill in the air

Here at last is a reference manual devoted exclusively to refrigeration, both home and commercial. Beginning with the essential physics and math, it provides a complete course in maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing both new and vintage refrigeration systems for home and light industry. You'll find the answers you need, whether you're a student, apprentice, cost-conscious homeowner, or skilled technician.
* Know how different types of refrigerants are used and how to handle them safely
* Perform routine maintenance on various types of compressors
* Test for leakage and resolve common problems such as freeze-ups
* Repair and replace refrigerator cabinet parts
* Troubleshoot common problems with home freezers
* Understand the working parts of both electrically driven and absorption-type refrigeration units
* Learn to troubleshoot and maintain the wide variety of motors used in cooling devices
* Service and repair automatic icemakers, water coolers, and display cases

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Chapter 1. Applications of Refrigeration.

Chapter 2. Refrigerants.

Chapter 3. Compressors.

Chapter 4. Domestic Refrigeration.

Chapter 5. Absorption System for Domestic Refrigeration.

Chapter 6. Thermoelectric Cooling.

Chapter 7. Refrigeration Service Equipment and Tools.

Chapter 8. Domestic Refrigeration Operation and Service.

Chapter 9. Household-Cabinet Defrosting Systems.

Chapter 10. Cabinet Maintenance and Repairs. 

Chapter 11. Household Freezers.

Chapter 12. Styles of Domestic Refrigerators and Food Arrangement.

Chapter 13. Installation Methods.

Chapter 14. Compressor Lubrication System

Chapter 15. Refrigeration Control Devices.

Chapter 16. The Electrical System.

Chapter 17. Commercial Refrigeration Principles.

Chapter 18. Brine Systems.

Chapter 19. Ice-Making Systems.

Chapter 20. Supermarket and Grocery Refrigeration.

Chapter 21. Locker Plants.

Chapter 22. Special Refrigeration Applications.

Chapter 23. Cold-Storage Practice.

Chapter 24. Fans and Blowers.

Chapter 25. Refrigeration Piping.

Chapter 26. Commercial Absorption Systems.

Chapter 27. Circulating Pumps.

Chapter 28. Installation and Operation.

Chapter 29. Heat Leakage through Walls.

Chapter 30. Refrigeration Load Calculations.

Appendix A. Reference Materials.