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Audio Signal Processing and Coding

Andreas Spanias, Ted Painter, Venkatraman Atti

ISBN: 978-0-470-04196-3 September 2006 544 Pages


An in-depth treatment of algorithms and standards for perceptual coding of high-fidelity audio, this self-contained reference surveys and addresses all aspects of the field. Coverage includes signal processing and perceptual (psychoacoustic) fundamentals, details on relevant research and signal models, details on standardization and applications, and details on performance measures and perceptual measurement systems. It includes a comprehensive bibliography with over 600 references, computer exercises, and MATLAB-based projects for use in EE multimedia, computer science, and DSP courses.  An ftp site containing supplementary material such as wave files, MATLAB programs and workspaces for the students to solve some of the numerical problems and computer exercises in the book can be found at

1. Introduction.

2. Signal Processing Essentials.

3. Quantization and Entropy Coding.

4. Linear Prediction in Narrowband and Wideband Coding.

5. Psychoacoustic Principles.

6. Time-Frequency Analysis: Filter Banks and Transforms.

7. Transform Coders.

8. Subband Coders.

9. Sinusoidal Coders.

10. Audio Coding Standards and Algorithms.

11. Lossless Audio Coding and Digital Watermarking.

12. Quality Measures for Perceptual Audio Coding.



  • Contains computer exercises and MATLAB-based projects for use in EE multimedia, computer science, and DSP courses
  • Includes discussion of the ISCO/IEC MPEG family
  • Unique features of the book include treatments of sinusoidal, LP-based, and hybrid algorithms; perceptual measurement systems; scalable algorithms and Internet coding architectures; and all current audio standards, both international and commercial
  • Provides a historical perspective on audio coding research
  • Includes a comprehensive bibliography containing over 600 references