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Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes: Earth and Other Planets

Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes: Earth and Other Planets

Andreas Keiling (Editor), Eric Donovan (Editor), Fran Bagenal (Editor), Tomas Karlsson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90487-0 January 2012 American Geophysical Union 443 Pages


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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 197.

Many of the most basic aspects of the aurora remain unexplained. While in the past terrestrial and planetary auroras have been largely treated in separate books, Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes: Earth and Other Planets takes a holistic approach, treating the aurora as a fundamental process and discussing the phenomenology, physics, and relationship with the respective planetary magnetospheres in one volume. While there are some behaviors common in auroras of the different planets, there are also striking differences that test our basic understanding of auroral processes. The objective, upon which this monograph is focused, is to connect our knowledge of auroral morphology to the physical processes in the magnetosphere that power and structure discrete and diffuse auroras. Understanding this connection will result in a more complete explanation of the aurora and also further the goal of being able to interpret the global auroral distributions as a dynamic map of the magnetosphere. The volume synthesizes five major areas: auroral phenomenology, aurora and ionospheric electrodynamics, discrete auroral acceleration, aurora and magnetospheric dynamics, and comparative planetary aurora. Covering the recent advances in observations, simulation, and theory, this book will serve a broad community of scientists, including graduate students, studying auroras at Mars, Earth, Saturn, and Jupiter. Projected beyond our solar system, it may also be of interest for astronomers who are looking for aurora-active exoplanets.

Keiling, Andreas; Donovan, Eric; Bagenal, Fran; Karlsson, Tomas  pp. ix-x

Comparative Auroral Physics: Earth and Other Planets
Mauk, Barry; Bagenal, Fran  pp. 3-26

Auroral Morphology: A Historical Account and Major Auroral Features During Auroral Substorms
Akasofu, S.-I.  pp. 29-38

Auroral Substorms, Poleward Boundary Activations, Auroral Streamers, Omega Bands, and Onset Precursor Activity
Henderson, M. G.  pp. 39-54

A Review of Pulsating Aurora
Lessard, M. R.  pp. 55-68

Transpolar Arcs: Summary and Recent Results
Kullen, Anita  pp. 69-80

Coherence in Auroral Fine Structure
Semeter, Joshua  pp. 81-90

Ground-Based Aurora Conjugacy and Dynamic Tracing of Geomagnetic Conjugate Points
Sato, Natsuo; Kadokura, Akira; Motoba, Tetsuo; Hosokawa, Keisuke; Bjornsson, Gunnlaugur; Saemundsson, Thorsteinn  pp. 91-98

Auroral Asymmetries in the Conjugate Hemispheres and Interhemispheric Currents
Østgaard, N.; Laundal, K. M.  pp. 99-111

Auroral Processes on Jupiter and Saturn
Clarke, John T. pp. 113-121

Aurora in Martian Mini Magnetospheres
Brain, David; Halekas, Jasper S.  pp. 123-132

When Moons Create Aurora: The Satellite Footprints on Giant Planets
Bonfond, B.  pp. 133-140

Auroral Arc Electrodynamics: Review and Outlook
Marghitu, Octav  pp. 143-158

Mutual Evolution of Aurora and Ionospheric Electrodynamic Features Near the Harang Reversal During Substorms
Zou, Shasha; Lyons, Larry R.; Nishimura, Yukitoshi  pp. 159-169

Imaging of Aurora to Estimate the Energy and Flux of Electron Precipitation
Lanchester, Betty; Gustavsson, Björn  pp. 171-182

Current Closure in the Auroral Ionosphere: Results From the Auroral Current and Electrodynamics Structure Rocket Mission
Kaeppler, S. R.; Kletzing, C. A.; Bounds, S. R.; Gjerloev, J. W.; Anderson, B. J.; Korth, H.; LaBelle, J. W.; Dombrowski, M. P.; Lessard, M.; Pfaff, R. F.; Rowland, D. E.; Jones, S.; Heinselman, C. J.  pp. 183-192

Auroral Disturbances as a Manifestation of Interplay Between Large-Scale and Mesoscale Structure of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Electrodynamical Coupling
Lyons, L. R.; Nishimura, Y.; Xing, X.; Shi, Y.; Gkioulidou, M.; Wang, C.-P.; Kim, H.-J.; Zou, S.; Angelopoulos, V.; Donovan, E.  pp. 193-204

Auroral Signatures of Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling at Jupiter and Saturn
Ray, L. C.; Ergun, R. E.  pp. 205-214

Clues on Ionospheric Electrodynamics From IR Aurora at Jupiter and Saturn
Stallard, Tom; Miller, Steve; Melin, Henrik  pp. 215-224

The Acceleration Region of Stable Auroral Arcs
Karlsson, T.  pp. 227-239

The Search for Double Layers in Space Plasmas
Andersson, L.; Ergun, R. E.  pp. 241-249

Alfvén Wave Acceleration of Auroral Electrons in Warm Magnetospheric Plasma
Watt, C. E. J.; Rankin, R.  pp. 251-260

Multispacecraft Observations of Auroral Acceleration by Cluster
Forsyth, C.; Fazakerley, A. N.  pp. 261-270

Fine-Scale Characteristics of Black Aurora and Its Generation Process
Sakanoi, T.; Obuchi, Y.; Ebihara, Y.; Miyoshi, Y.; Asamura, K.; Yamazaki, A.; Kasaba, Y.; Hirahara, M.; Nishiyama, T.; Okano, S.  pp. 271-278

Two-Step Acceleration of Auroral Particles at Substorm Onset as Derived From Auroral Kilometric Radiation Spectra
Morioka, Akira; Miyoshi, Yoshizumi  pp. 279-286

Auroral Ion Precipitation and Acceleration at the Outer Planets
Cravens, T. E.; Ozak, N.  pp. 287-294

Satellite-Induced Electron Acceleration and Related Auroras
Hess, S. L. G.; Delamere, P. A.  pp. 295-304

Auroral Processes Associated With Saturn's Moon Enceladus
Gurnett, D. A.; Pryor, W. R.  pp. 305-313

Auroral Signatures of the Dynamic Plasma Sheet
Keiling, A.; Shiokawa, K.; Uritsky, V.; Sergeev, V.; Zesta, E.; Kepko, L.; Østgaard, N.  pp. 317-335

Magnetotail Aurora Connection: The Role of Thin Current Sheets
Birn, J.; Schindler, K.; Hesse, M.  pp. 337-346

Auroral Generators: A Survey
Haerendel, Gerhard  pp. 347-354

The Relationship Between Magnetospheric Processes and Auroral Field-Aligned Current Morphology
Strangeway, Robert J.  pp. 355-364

Magnetospheric Dynamics and the Proton Aurora
Donovan, E.; Spanswick, E.; Liang, J.; Grant, J.; Jackel, B.; Greffen, M.  pp. 365-378

The Origin of Pulsating Aurora: Modulated Whistler Mode Chorus Waves
Li, W.; Bortnik, J.; Nishimura, Y.; Thorne, R. M.; Angelopoulos, V.  pp. 379-388

Auroral Signatures of Ballooning Mode Near Substorm Onset: Open Geospace General Circulation Model Simulations
Raeder, J.; Zhu, P.; Ge, Y.; Siscoe, G.  pp. 389-395

Origins of Saturn's Auroral Emissions and Their Relationship to Large-Scale Magnetosphere Dynamics
Bunce, Emma J.  pp. 397-410

Auroral Signatures of Solar Wind Interaction at Jupiter
Delamere, P. A.  pp. 411-419

Relating Jupiter's Auroral Features to Magnetospheric Sources
Vogt, Marissa F.; Kivelson, Margaret G.  pp. 421-430