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Auroral Plasma Dynamics

Auroral Plasma Dynamics

Robert L. Lysak (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66400-1 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 291 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 80.

The auroral zone is a region in which complex plasma dynamics take place. This region has been studied in great detail by sounding rocket and satellite experiments, as well as through ground-based observations. The primary focus of this volume is advances made in auroral research in the last 10 years. Main areas of concern are the global morphology of the auroral zone, auroral acceleration processes, parallel electric fields, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and waves and turbulence in the auroral zone, as well as the role played by active auroral experiments. The recent results from the Viking and Akebono satellites are considered, and the current state of the field is assessed in preparation for new missions such as Fast, Freja, and the ISTP program. This volume will serve to disseminate these results to the wider space physics community.

R. L. Lysak ix

Optical, Ultra-violet and X-Ray Observations of the Aurora

1 Observations of the Pulsation Phase of Auroras Observed at Minneapolis During the Peak of Solar Cycle 22
J. R. Winckler and R. J. Nemzek 1

2 The Discovery of Auroral X-Rays by Balloon-Borne Detectors and Their Contributions to Magnetospheric Research
G. K. Parks, T. J. Freeman, M. P. McCarthy, and S. H. Werden 17

3 Optical Measurements of the Fine Structure of Auroral Arcs
J. E. Borovsky and D. M. Suszcynsky 25

4 Some UV Dayside Auroral Morphologies
R. D. Elphinstone, D. J. Hearn, J. S. Murphree, L. L. Cogger, M. L. Johnson, and H. B. Vo 31

5 Auroral Expansion Into the Dayside Polar Cap: Ground and Satellite Observations in the Prenoon Sector
P. E. Sandholt, J. Moen, D. Opsvik, W. F. Denig, and W. J. Burke 47

Auroral Currents, Convection, and Fields

6 High-Latitude Electrodynamics and Aurorae During Northward IMF
L. G. Blomberg and G. T. Marklund 55

7 Convection and Electrodynamic Signatures in the Vicinity of a Sun-Aligned Arc: Results From the Polar
Acceleration Regions and Convection Study (Polar ARCS)
L A. Weiss, E. J. Weber, P. H. Reiff J. R. Sharber, J. D. Winningham, F. Primdahl, I. S. Mikkelsen, C. Seifring, and E. M. Wescott 69

8 Plasma Flows Associated With an Auroral Arc at the Polar Cap Boundary
H. A. Gallagher Jr., R. L. Carovillano, E. J. Weber, and J. F. Vickrey 81

9 Plasma Convection and Currents in the Auroral Zone
L. Zhang and R. L. Carovillano 89

10 Auroral Weak Double Layers: A Critical Assessment
H. E. J. Koskinen and A. M. Mtilkki 97

11 Are Weak Double Layers Important for Auroral Particle Acceleration?
A. I. Eriksson and R. Bostreim 105

12 The Strong-Double-Layer Model of Auroral Arcs: An Assessment
J. E. Borovsky 113

13 Generalized Model of the Ionospheric Alfven Resonator
R. L. Lysak 121

14 Laboratory Work on Transient Currents and Its Application to Auroral Arc Currents
J. M. Urrutia and R. L. Stenzel 129

Electron Acceleration

15 From Balloons to Chemical Releases—What Do Charged Particles Tell Us About the
Auroral Potential Region?
R. A. Hoffman 133

16 On the High- and Low-Altitude Limits of the Auroral Electric Field Region
P. H. Reiff, G. Lu, J. L. Burch, J. D. Winningham, L. A. Frank, J. D. Craven,W. K. Peterson, and R. A. Heelis 143

17 The Acceleration of Electrons by Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves
M. Temerin, C. Carlson, and J. P. McFadden 155

18 Statistical Distributions of the Auroral Electron Albedo in the Magnetosphere
D. M. Klumpar 163

19 Diffusion of Echo 7 Electron Beams During Bounce Motion
R. J. Nemzek 173

Ion Acceleration

20 Ion Acceleration in the Low- and Mid-Altitude Auroral Ionosphere
A. W. Yau and B. A. Whalen 183

21 Transverse Ion Acceleration by Active Experiments
R. L. Arnoldy 195

22 Ion Heating by Low Frequency Waves
T. Chang and M. Andre 207

23 Interaction of Ion Beams in the Auroral Acceleration Region
R. Bergmann, P. C. Gray, M. K. Hudson, and I. Roth 213

24 Effects of Solar Cycle on Auroral Particle Acceleration
C. A. Cattell, T. Nguyen, M. Temerin, W. Lennartsson, and W. Peterson 219

25 Sounding Rocket Observations of Ion Injections in the Morning Convection Reversal Region
J. H. Clemmons and C. W. Carlson 227

26 Centrifugal Flow Reversal in the Equatorial Magnetosphere
D. C. Delcourt, J. A. Sauvaud, and T. E. Moore 233

Waves in the Auroral Zone

27 DE 1 Particle and Wave Observations in an AKR Source Region
J. D. Menietti and J. L. Burch 239

28 Acceleration and Radiation From Auroral Cavitons
R. Pottelette, R. A. Treumann, G. Holmgren, N. Dubouloz, and M. Malingre 253

29 Elusive Upper Hybrid Waves in the Auroral Topside Ionosphere
R. F. Benson 267

30 SCEX 3 Observations of HF Z -mode Emissions From the Aurora
R. T. Goerke, P. J. Kellogg, S. D. Bale, S. J. Monson, H. R. Anderson, D. W. Potter, E. P. Szuszczewicz, and G. D. Earle 275

31 Cherenkov Whistler Emissions From Tethers and Magnetic Antennas in Relative Motion to Plasmas
R. L. Stenzel and J. M. Urrutia 283

32 Effects of Transverse, Localized, DC Electric Fields on Current-Driven Ion-Cyclotron Waves
M. E. Koepke, W. E. Amatucci, J. J. Carroll III, M. J. Alport, and T. E. Sheridan 287