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Austerity And Law In Europe

Marija Bartl, Markos Karavias

ISBN: 978-1-119-38001-6 March 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 176 Pages


Austerity and Law in Europe presents an interdisciplinary collection of essays that challenge traditional narratives of austerity. The contributions recast austerity as a historically contingent political rationality that operates through law and technocracy.

  • A collection of essays that tackles the relationship between austerity and law within and outside the European Union
  • Draws on a set of interdisciplinary contributions, incorporating insights from European law, economic history, legal theory, and economics
  • Reveals how austerity measures in Europe were not implemented as an outcome of legal or economic necessity, but were a political choice
  • Presents austerity as a historically contingent political rationality which gained a legal endorsement in the EU law and policy without foreclosing the possibilities for contestation either through law or politics  

Austerity and Law in Europe: An Introduction (Marija Bartl and Markos Karavias)
The Guardians of Capitalism: International Consensus and the Technocratic Implementation of Austerity (Clara E. Mattei)
Has (Downturn-)Austerity Really Been `Constitutionalized' in Europe? On the Ideological Dimension of Such a Claim (Clemens Kaupa)
The Crisis of Law and the European Crises: From the Social and Democratic Rechtsstaat to the Consolidating State of (Pseudo-)technocratic Governance (Agustin J. Menendez)
The Bank, the Bond, and the Bail-out: On the Legal Construction of Market Discipline in the Eurozone (Harm Schepel)
The Growth of Debt and the Debt of Growth: Lessons from the Case of Argentina (Pablo J. Lopez and Cecilia Nahon)
Social Rights Constitutionalism: An Antagonistic Endorsement (Emilios Christodoulidis)
Contesting Austerity: On the Limits of EU Knowledge Governance (Marija Bartl)