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Australasian Business Statistics, 4th Edition


Data-driven decisions are driving the global knowledge economy. To get the edge, graduates need the power of statistical analysis to create business insight. This fourth edition of Australasian Business Statistics empowers you to make informed decisions based on real‑world issues. The cross-functional author team has channelled their expertise to create a concise 15‑chapter structure that empowers students with the quantitative analysis techniques they need to succeed in tomorrow’s business world. It also provides examples from the local region, real business issues and applications.

Australasian Business Statistics, Fourth edition, provides students with a highly practical problem‑solving approach to prepare them for the real business world.

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About the authors xi

Key features xiii

Real-world issues at a glance xiv

Acknowledgements xv

CHAPTER 1 introduction to statistics 1

CHAPTER 2 Charts and graphs 13

CHAPTER 3 Descriptive summary measures 47

CHAPTER 4 Probability 93

CHAPTER 5 Discrete distributions 135

CHAPTER 6 the normal distribution and other continuous distributions 169

CHAPTER 7 sampling and sampling distributions 193

CHAPTER 8 statistical inference: estimation for single populations 227

CHAPTER 9 statistical inference: hypothesis testing for single populations 261

CHAPTER 10 statistical inferences about two populations 311

CHAPTER 11 Analysis of variance and design of experiments 367

CHAPTER 12 Chi-square tests 409

CHAPTER 13 simple regression analysis 435

CHAPTER 14 Multiple regression analysis 479

CHAPTER 15 time-series forecasting and index numbers 513

Chapter case revisited: Forecasting at Combaro Ltd 559

Summary 562

Key terms 563

Key equations 563

Review problems 564

Appendix: Tables 569

Sources 605

Glossary 609

Index 615

• Statistical techniques used in business are comprehensively covered.

• Data analysis using Excel is integrated throughout the text.

• Local examples are used to demonstrate the importance of statistics in business.

• ‘Opening vignette’ features show the relevance of statistics and how data is used in business through a series of local case studies.

• ‘Misuse of Statistics’ helps you avoid the pitfalls of using statistics incorrectly in business scenarios.