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Australia's Dangerous Creatures For Dummies

Australia's Dangerous Creatures For Dummies

Graeme Lofts, Peg Gill

ISBN: 978-0-731-40722-4 July 2008 346 Pages


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Get to know Australia's fiercest, most dangerous and most amazing wildlife.

Australia's Dangerous Creatures For Dummies provides a fascinating portrait of unique and deadly animals down-under -- including crocodiles, snakes, sharks, spiders and jellyfi sh. With a detailed description of each creature, its habitat and its typical behaviour, the authors also give you tips on observing them safely -- and what to do if you can't!

Discover how to:

  • Survive in crocodile country
  • Avoid a snake bite
  • Identify deadly sea creatures
  • Spot spiders around the home
  • Treat bits, stings and other injuries
  • Observe creatures safely in the wild

Part I: Getting Acquainted with Australia's Creatures.

Chapter 1. Revealing the Dangers of Australian Wildlife.

Chapter 2. Venturing Out.

Chapter 3. Preparing for What Nature Serves Up.

Part II: Exploring the Great Southern Land.

Chapter 4. Crocodile Country.

Chapter 5. Snakes: Legless and Lethal.

Chapter 6. Don't Let Size Fool You.

Chapter 7. Four-Legged Friend or Foe?

Chapter 8. Watch the Birdie.

Chapter 9. Australia's Living Icons.

Part III: Bays and Beaches.

Chapter 10. A Day at the Beach.

Chapter 11. Rock Pools, Reefs and Wrecks.

Chapter 12. Dangerous Creatures of the Deep.

Part IV: Urban Living.

Chapter 13. Along Came a Spider.

Chapter 14. Out and About.

Chapter 15. Unwelcome Gatecrashers.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16. Australia's Ten Deadliest Creatures.

Chapter 17. Ten Ways to Stay Safe.

Chapter 18. Ten Safe Places to See Australian Wildlife.

Part VI: The Appendixes.

Appendix A: First Aid Techniques.

Appendix B: First Aid Fast Finder.