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AutoCAD® 14: No Experience RequiredTM

AutoCAD® 14: No Experience RequiredTM

David Frey

ISBN: 978-0-782-12199-5

Feb 1998

660 pages

Select type: Paperback

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AutoCAD 14: No Experience Required is an introduction to the basic features and commands of AutoCAD as they are used in computer-aided architectural drafting. The essential fourteen skills are presented as an on-going tutorial in which the reader is guided through the steps necessary to create a floor plan, elevations, and other drawings that illustrate a small cabin. As you move from skill to skill, you develop this set of drawings and learn, eventually, how to dimension, place text in a drawing, link external references and print from Paper Space. An introduction to the concepts and techniques for drawing in 3D is presented in the appendix.

Skill 1: Getting to Know AutoCAD.

Skill 2: Basic Commands to Get Started.

Skill 3: Setting Up a Drawing.

Skill 4: Gaining Drawing Strategies: Part 1.

Skill 5: Gaining Drawing Strategies: Part 2.

Skill 6: Using Layers to Organize Your Drawing.

Skill 7: Using Blocks and Wblocking.

Skill 8: Generating Elevations.

Skill 9: Working with Hatches and Fills.

Skill 10: Controlling Text in a Drawing.

Skill 11: Dimensioning a Drawing.

Skill 12: Managing External References.

Skill 13: Getting Familiar with Paper Space.

Skill 14: Printing an AutoCAD Drawing.

Appendix A.



ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Combined Errata

Page 211

4th paragraph:
"As you learn to make blocks for the doors and fixtures,..." should read “As you learn to make blocks for the doors,...”

Page 213

Last line Change "...replace the one that was just erased." to "...replace the door and swing that were just erased."

Page 224

4th line from bottom: see Detail Description

Page 233

Second to last paragraph:
"...X scale factor from 2 to 4..." should be "...from 2 to 6..."

Page 258

Step 2, Third sentence:
Should read "Find the Symbols folder that you just created."

Page xxii

Second line: "Skills 6 through 10..." should read "Skills 6 through 11..."