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Automate Your Option Trading: The Secrets to Generating Winning Trades



Automate Your Option Trading: The Secrets to Generating Winning Trades

Price Headley

ISBN: 978-1-592-80446-7 December 2010


Run time: 90 min. A simple, time-tested approach to building a personal trading system that minimizes losses and locks in big wins

 Whether you’re just starting out in trading or you’re a veteran of thousands of trades, this DVD workshop will bring your trading to whole new level. Bestselling author and star trader, Price Headley, quickly gets you up and running with the fundamental elements of good automated trading systems design. Emphasizing the fact that good trading is as much—if not more—about managing your emotions and mindset as it is about managing your money, he explores the thought processes and behaviors of the most successful traders and shines a spotlight on the key role played by confidence. Extrapolating from that, he demonstrates how the best trading systems are those that help traders stay disciplined and confident, and he defines seven simple rules to follow when developing a system of your own.

  • Supplies you with a framework for designing and implementing an automated trading system custom tailored to your style and goals
  • Defines seven key rules targeting efficiency and growth, that, when used as the basis for a trading system, help you solve common problems and break through to more profitable trades 
  • Proven methods for more accurately defining trend phases, while avoiding noisy trading ranges, and immediately distinguishing between a true breakout and a fake-out  
  • Arms you with powerful metrics for testing your system and gauging it’s performance within any time frame Wiley Trading Resources Available