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Automation in the Laboratory



Automation in the Laboratory

W. Jeffrey Hurst (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18549-9 September 1995 248 Pages


This book provides an introduction/overview of the various facets of laboratory automation. Laboratory automation is an active area gaining intense exposure with the increased emphasis on productivity. Laboratory automation comes in many forms ranging from robotics which can allow for automated sample preparation and subsequent analysis to flow injection analysis and other forms of automated systems. The final facet of many automated systems, LIMS, will also be adressed. This book will serve as a reference, a general introductory volume on laboratory automation for industrial and academic scientists, and also as a text for an introductory or advanced course on laboratory automation. The reader can focus on a particular technology and obtain sufficient information, or read the entire book for a comprehensive view of the field of lab automation.
Automated Sample Introduction.

Automation in CE.

Flow Injection Analysis.

Capillary Electrophoresis.

Robotics in the Laboratory.

Robotic Workstations.

Automation in HPLC and GC.

Laboratory Information Management Systems: From Concept to Completion.

Autosampling and Computerized Data Reduction Techniques in Infrared Spectroscopy.