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Autophagy in Immunity and Infection: A Novel Immune Effector

Autophagy in Immunity and Infection: A Novel Immune Effector

Vojo Deretic (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60854-6 August 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 286 Pages




This first book to cover this new topic at the interface of cell biology, immunology and infection biology offers a unique insight as to how the innate and possibly the adaptive immune system are shaped by cellular mechanisms. Following a comprehensive introduction to autophagy, the work features cellular mechanisms and medical implications, structured according to all major pathogens, while also covering emerging infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis. Edited by one of the authors of a groundbreaking paper on this topic.
Overview of Autophagy
Cell Biology and Biochemistry of Autophagy
Transgenic Models of Autophagy
Autophagy in Disease and Aging
The Dual Roles for Autophagy in Cell Death and Survival
Autophagy and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Autophagy Eliminates Group A Streptococcus Invading Host Cells
Shigella Invasion of Host Cells and Escape from Autophagy
Listeria Monocytogenes: a Model System for Studying Autophagy
Coxiella Burnetii Hijacks the Autophagy Pathway to Survive
Utilization of Endoplasmic Reticulum Membranes to Establish a Vacuole that Supports Replication of Legionella Pneumophila
Endogenous MHC Class II Antigen Processing of Viral Antigens
Autophagy in Antiviral Host Defense