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Avoiding Option Trading Traps: What to Look for and Strategies for Success

Avoiding Option Trading Traps: What to Look for and Strategies for Success

Lawrence G. McMillan

ISBN: 978-1-592-80234-0

Aug 2005

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Options trading industry expert Larry McMillan explains the ins and outs of options—and how to profit big trading them in today’s markets. In this brand-new, secret-revealing guide, the bestselling author of Options as a Strategic Investment takes you to the forefront of options trading strategies while covering the basic principles that are essential to becoming a successful trader.

In this session, McMillan will show you that both new and experienced traders always have opportunities to find new ways to make gains in the options market. You will learn first-hand the problems that most commonly prevent options traders from winning and have a personal coach to help you eliminate those obstacles. His strategies for profit are simple and can be broken down into basic principles that all options traders, no matter what level of experience, should use.

With the guidance given to you in this DVD course, you will learn to:
• Examine whether or not partial profits do more harm than good,
• Determine when it is beneficial to use specific strategies,
• Gain detailed insight about covered writing and extraction strategies, and
• Learn how to use this information to boost your profits.

McMillan reveals how to use a trading model to see what is likely to happen before traders invest their money in a trade, ensuring that you are a step ahead, leading to fewer losses and more profit. Walking you through various models, he will teach you how to overcome frustrations so that you too can see the advantage and bigger returns as a result of gaining that elusive edge.