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Avoiding Risky Sex in Adolescence



Avoiding Risky Sex in Adolescence

Alan Carr

ISBN: 978-1-854-33349-0 July 2002 Wiley-Blackwell 68 Pages


This guide provides the practitioner with a description of risky sexual behaviour, an explanation of associated risk and protective factors, guidance on the prevention of such behaviour and an overview of what we now know about the development of successful prevention programmes.

Part I: Development and Sexuality.

Part II: Prevention Practices.


Further Reading.


"Some of these [books in the PACTS series 2] are quite outstanding guides for practitioners, full of practical steps to take and worldly wisdom as well as good theretical grounding ... there are a couple on behaviours that are less commonly covered in other places, including Avoiding Risky Sex, and Gambling. Its is very welcome to have these issues addressed in such a pragmatic way ... Overall I would recommend that this series is present for anybody working with adolescents, as they provide a very useful guide for trainees to get stuck in with treatment." Stephen Scott, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Volume 9, No. 2, 2004, pp 92-96 <!--end-->