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BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Practice Management and Development



BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Practice Management and Development

Carole Clarke, Marion Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-905-31940-4 November 2012 544 Pages


This is more than just a management book! Written by a range of experienced authors who have designed and built surgeries, managed veterinary staff, bought and used the equipment, and ‘cleaned the floors’, this Manual brings ideas and guidelines that will be useful in improving and running a small animal veterinary business, whether established or new. 

Following a brief foray into the construction planning process, each area of the practice, both clinical and non-clinical, is considered in detail -- its design, equipment and maintenance, and the organization and management of the clinical and support teams.  The second part of the Manual deals with communication and people management issues, including leadership skills and self-management, together with the ethical and legal framework within which vets and vet nurses work. Thirdly, the business aspects of veterinary practice are explored, including planning, finance, marketing, the client experience and clinical governance.

As well as being a daily source of information for veterinary surgeons and managers in companion animal practice, the Manual help support studies for certificates in practice management. It will aid preparation for PSS and VMD inspections, and will be of benefit to all practitioners wanting to improve their quality of service, premises and facilities, and the management of their clinical and support teams. Examples of forms, protocols and SOPs are given throughout and the book has a wealth of images to complement and enhance the text .

The first BSAVA Manual of Practice Improvement was published in 1972; this completely new Manual will inspire and support a new generation of veterinary surgeons in their careers in small animal practice.



1 Managing the planning and construction process
Jim Wishart

2 Plant and systems
Jim Wishart

3 Floor plans, design and maintenance
Jim Wishart

4 IT and telecommunications
Chris Beesley and Wayne Smith-Gillard

5 Reception and client areas
Peter Hundepool and Alison Lambert

6 Consulting area
Pam Mosedale

7 Wards and in-patient areas
Debbie Roberts

8 Surgical and preparation areas
Amy Bowcott

9 Dentistry
Amy Bowcott

10 Endoscopy
Philip Lhermette

11 ECG
Stephen Collins

12 Ultrasonography
Philip Lhermette

13 Radiography
Victoria Johnson

14 Laboratory
Roger Powell

15 Managing the practice dispensary
Pam Mosedale

16 Offices and staff accommodation
Rita Dingwall

17 Communication
Christine McGrath and Geoff Little

18 Leadership and self-management
Caroline Bäck

19 Managing people
Maggie Shilcock

20 Employment law
Margaret Keane

21 Ethics of professional practice management
Bob Moore

22 Health and safety
Mark Enright and Alison Clark

23 Strategy and planning
Pippa Reffold

24 Finance
Andy Moore

25 Marketing and Branding
Helen Kington, Marion Chapman, Carole Clarke and Susan Beesley

26 Service quality
Caroline Back

27 The customer experience
Alison Lambert

28 Clinical effectiveness
Bradley Viner