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Bacterial Stress Responses, 2nd Edition

Bacterial Stress Responses, 2nd Edition

Gisela Storz (Editor), Regine Hengge (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-555-81621-6

Jan 2014

580 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The second edition of the highly acclaimed Bacterial Stress Responses incorporates and reviews the vast number of new findings that have greatly advanced the understanding of bacterial stress responses in the decade since the publication of the first edition. Readers will discover how this improved understanding not only enhances our knowledge of all cellular regulation at the molecular level, but also provides new ammunition in the fight against pathogens and helps optimize the use of bacteria in biotechnology. 

The first section explores general regulatory principles, including the latest findings from genomics studies. In the second and third sections readers will learn how much more researchers have discovered about both specific and general stress responses. Next, the fourth section reviews how stress responses affect the interactions between bacteria and host cells. The fifth section describes bacterial stress responses in different niches and communities, with an emphasis on extreme environments. The final section examines how our growing understanding of bacterial stress responses can be used to better combat bacterial infection with antibiotics and improve biofuel production and bioremediation. 

All chapters have been contributed by leaders and pioneers in their respective fields and then carefully edited to ensure conciseness and clarity. With its coverage of a broad range of model organisms as well as biotechnologically, medically, and environmentally relevant bacteria, this new edition fully encapsulates our understanding of bacterial stress responses. Moreover, it serves as a springboard for new investigations and new applications.

New in the Second Edition

  • Incorporates new fields such as network analysis, metagenomics, and regulatory RNAs
  • Examines new findings from genomics studies that have changed our understanding of regulation
  • Explains how new findings from bacterial stress response studies facilitate the development of antibiotics
  • Discusses the latest efforts to exploit bacterial stress responses for biofuel production and bioremediation
  • Presents significant insights into how bacteria survive stress conditions by undergoing changes of state, morphology, or cell surface

More Key Features

  • Features contributors who are leaders in the investigation of bacterial stress responses and the development of new applications based on new findings
  • Serves as a gateway to the literature in the field
  • Highlights important directions for future research