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Balanced Brand: How to Balance the Stakeholder Forces That Can Make Or Break Your Business

Balanced Brand: How to Balance the Stakeholder Forces That Can Make Or Break Your Business

John Foley, Julie Kendrick

ISBN: 978-0-787-98381-9

Jan 2006, Jossey-Bass

208 pages



Companies usually assume if their sales are good, then their brand and reputation must be strong. But all too often, they don't have a clear understanding of the values that drive brand and reputation and actually sustain long-term profitability and growth. This leaves companies vulnerable to dangerous backlash between corporate values, and those of their stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, media, government, and community. Even well-known and seemingly successful brands and reputations have suffered from this backlash (e.g. Nike and overseas sweatshops, Wal-Mart and unfair employment practices, McDonald's and obesity issues.) Every stakeholder applies their personal and professional values to judge the performance of a company. Branding expert John Foley has developed the BalancedBrand System, which helps companies assess corporate values, identify potential flashpoints, and align values to build a stronger brand and reputation. BalancedBrand identifies and helps manage the forces that will change the way business does business. Foley and co-author Julie Kendrick have created new tools that build and protect brands and reputations.

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1. Strong Brand, Strong Reputation.

2. Measuring Brand and Reputation.

3. The BalancedBrand System.

Part One: Assessment of Organization and Stakeholder Values.

4. Brand Assessment.

5. Stakeholder Assessment.

6. Stakeholder Return on Investment.

Part Two: Alignment of Organization and Stakeholder Values.

7. Balanced Culture.

8. Balanced Conversation.

9. Creating and Maintaining Balance.




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