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Ballantyne's Deafness, 7th Edition

Ballantyne's Deafness, 7th Edition

John Graham (Editor), David Baguley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-74441-3

Jul 2009

312 pages



This book is well established as the classic reference for professionals requiring up to date information on hearing and deafness. It is designed to serve as an introduction and as an inspiration to those entering the field to develop their expertise and insight. This Seventh Edition of Ballantyne’s Deafness has been substantially revised and updated to reflect significant developments in the field. In addition, brand new chapters and/or sections have been added on auditory processing, pharmacology, balance, hearing therapy and functional imaging.
List of contributors.

Foreword 1 (Neil Weir).

Foreword 2 (Roger Gray).

Preface (John Graham and David Baguley).

List of abbreviations.

1. Introduction: hearing and deafness (David Baguley and John Graham).

2. The prevalence of deafness and hearing impairment Adrian Davis.

3. The structure and function of the ear (Tony Wright).

4. Central auditory system (David McAlpine).

5. An introduction to acoustics: clinical implications (Richard Knight).

6. Subjective audiometry (Judith Bird and Rachel Humphriss).

7. Objective audiometry (Neil Donnelly and William Gibson).

8. The radiological assessment of hearing loss (Simon Lloyd and Patrick).

9. The aetiology and management of conductive hearing loss in children and adults (Will Hellier).

10. Acquired sensorineural hearing loss (Martin Burton).

11. Genetics causes of hearing and balance disorders (Henry Pau and Sarah Healy).

12. The causes, identification and confirmation of sensorineural hearing loss in children (Shakeel Saeed, Rachel Booth, and Penny Hill).

13. Habilitation of children with permanent hearing impairment (Josephine Marriage).

14. Noise and hearing (Mark Lutman).

15. Non-organic hearing loss (Catherine Lynch and Sally Austen).

16. Tinnitus and hyperacusis (Don McFerran).

17. Psychological aspects of acquired hearing impairment (Laurence McKenna and Anne O’Sullivan).

18. Mental health and prelingual deafness (Sally Austen).

19. Hearing aids (Graham Frost).

20. Cochlear implants (Huw Cooper).

21. Implantable devices: Bone anchored hearing aids and middle ear implants (Richard Irving).

22. Auditory processing disorders (Doris-Eva Bamiou).

23. Adult audiological rehabilitation (Lucy Handscomb).

24. Disorders of balance (Peter Rea).