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Basic Exploration Geophysics

Basic Exploration Geophysics

Edwin S. Robinson, Cahit Coruh

ISBN: 978-0-471-87941-1

Jul 1988

576 pages

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Introduces geophysical methods used to explore for natural resources and to survey earth structure for purposes of geological and engineering knowledge. These methods include seismic refraction and reflection surveying, gravity and magnetic field surveying, electrical resistivity and electromagnetic field surveying, and geophysical well logging. Covers modern field procedures and instruments, as well as data processing and interpretation techniques, including graphical methods. All basic surveying methods are described step-by-step, and illustrated by practical examples. Well illustrated.

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The Search.

Seismic Waves.

Refracted Seismic Waves and Earth Structure.

Reflected Seismic Waves and Earth Structure.

Seismic Surveying.

Seismic Reflection Data Processing and Interpretation.

Gravity on the Earth.

Gravity Surveying.

Bouguer Gravity and Geology.

Earth Magnetism.

Surveying the Anomalous Magnetic Field.

Magnetic Anomalies and Their Geologic Sources.

Geoelectrical Surveying.

Geophysical Well Logging.