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Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion, 2nd Edition

Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion, 2nd Edition

Simon Felton, Alison Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-118-62943-7

Sep 2013

312 pages



Step by step course companion for dental nurses studying for the Certificate in Oral Health Education. Topics covered include dental structures, anatomy and physiology, oral diseases and prevention, the principles of education, oral health and society, promoting oral health in the 21st century, patient communication, project planning and workplace assignments. This second edition has been thoroughly updated in line with the substantial changes to the role of the dental nurse since the 1st edition was published. To address this, a brand new section has been added on education and research.

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Foreword vii

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xi

SECTION 1 Structure and Functions of the Oral Cavity 1

1 The oral cavity in health 3

SECTION 2 Diseases and Conditions of the Oral Cavity 23

2 Plaque, calculus and staining 25

3 Chronic gingivitis 35

4 Periodontal disease 41

5 Caries 53

6 Tooth surface loss and sensitivity 65

7 Xerostomia 76

8 Other diseases and disorders affecting the oral cavity 80

SECTION 3 Oral Disease Prevention 107

9 Diet and nutrition 109

10 Sugars in the diet 117

11 Fluoride 125

12 Fissure sealants 135

13 Smoking cessation and substance misuse 141

14 Anti-plaque agents 150

SECTION 4 Delivering Oral Health Messages 157

15 Communication 159

16 Education and planning sessions 165

17 Setting up a preventive dental unit 174

18 Planning an oral hygiene session outside of the practice 179

19 Practical oral hygiene instruction 182

SECTION 5 Oral Health Target Groups and Case Studies 197

20 Pregnant patients 199

21 Parents of pre-11 year olds 206

22 Adolescents and orthodontic patients 216

23 Older people 225

24 At-risk and special-care patients 234

25 Minority ethnic populations in the United Kingdom 241

26 Other health professionals 245

27 Planning education case studies and exhibitions 248

SECTION 6 Oral Health and Society 255

28 Sociology 257

29 Epidemiology 262

30 Evidence-based prevention 272

31 UK dental services 277

32 Oral health promotion 283

33 Dental research 288

Index 295

“This is an excellent and well-written book aimed at dental nurses studying for a qualification in oral health education . . . This is a well thought out and clearly written publication, where the authors’ knowledge and experiences are clearly conveyed to the reader. Although it is aimed at dental nurses, I believe this book will be an ideal revision aid for dentists, dental students, dental hygienists and therapists in their pursuit of oral health education and promotion.”  (British Dental Journal, 27 June 2014)