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Basic Guide to Orthodontic Dental Nursing

Basic Guide to Orthodontic Dental Nursing

Fiona Grist

ISBN: 978-1-444-32552-2

Oct 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

312 pages


The Basic Guide to Orthodontic Dental Nursing is a must-have introduction for those seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of this core area of clinical practice.

Written in a clear and accessible format, with colour illustration throughout, the book is a guide for all dental nurses with an interest in orthodontics. It is designed to reflect sections of the syllabus of the Certificate in Orthodontic Dental Nursing. Chapters cover such key topics as tooth eruption patterns, removable and fixed appliances, de-bonding, and retention. There are also sections on care prior to treatment, including the requirements for a first appointment, and there is helpful guidance on maintaining motivation – particularly for young patients and their parents.

Published in a compact format for portability and easy reference, this is a valuable addition to the Basic Guides series.

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Figures 1.2 and 2.4 have now been corrected in the print edition and are available to purchase. All electronic versions have already been corrected.

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by Dr Les Joffe (CEO – British Orthodontic Society) vii

How to use this book ix

Acknowledgements xi

1 Definition of orthodontics and factors influencing orthodontic treatment 1

2 The first appointment 12

3 Occlusal indices 30

4 Motivation 36

5 Leaflets 42

6 Oral hygiene 48

7 Removable appliances 59

8 Transpalatal arches, lingual arches and quad helix 71

9 Rapid maxillary expansion 79

10 Extra-oral traction and extra-oral anchorage 86

11 Functional appliances 93

12 Temporary anchorage devices 101

13 Fixed appliances – what they do and what is used 107

14 Fixed appliances – direct bonding 139

15 Fixed appliances – indirect bonding and lingual orthodontics 156

16 Ectopic canines 166

17 Debonding 174

18 Retention and retainers 180

19 Aligners 190

20 Multi-disciplinary orthodontics 198

21 Adult orthodontics 211

22 Mandibular advancement devices 218

23 Model box storage and study models 227

24 Descriptions and photographs of most commonly used instruments and auxiliaries 233

25 Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing and extended duties 260

26 Orthodontic therapists 267

27 Professional groups for orthodontic dental nurses 273

Useful contacts 278

Glossary of terms 283

Index 291

"This book is clearly written for the British market; the patient information leaflets issued by the British Orthodontic Society are widely referred to, there is a chapter dedicated to ‘orthodontic therapists' and the book refers to the General Dental Council of the United Kingdom and its regulatory framework for dental care professionals (dental technicians, nurses, and therapists)." (European Journal of Orthodontics, 2011)

"This book is all you need to know about assisting in orthodontic care delivery and is an invaluable learning tool and reference for all the orthodontic team ." (British Dental Association, 1 April 2011)

"Grist (senior orthodontic nurse, Worthing Hospital) introduces the tools and procedures for assisting an orthodontist chairside, and outlines what to prepare so that treatment can be undertaken as efficiently as possible." (SciTech Book News, December 2010)