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Basic Marketing Management, 2nd Edition

Basic Marketing Management, 2nd Edition

Douglas J. Dalrymple, Leonard J. Parsons

ISBN: 978-0-471-35392-8

Feb 2000

336 pages

Select type: Paperback

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To accommodate instructors who either don't use cases or prefer to select their own, we offer a marketing management book that focuses exclusively on text material. In addition, to keep the price of the book affordable, we have chosen to publish this book in a paperback form. Like the Marketing Management: Text and Cases, Seventh Edition text, this book is intended for the Sr/MBA course in Marketing Management or Marketing Strategy. 15 chapters provide good coverage of the subject in a compact format.

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  • Strengthened coverage on the topic of brand equity throughout the text. Chapter 2 on Marketing Strategy, Chapter 7 on Product Development, and Chapter 8 on Brand Management are updated in this area of brand equity; new research and issues will be highlighted.
  • Extensive coverage of IT Issues throughout the text. For example, the Direct Marketing chapter (Chapter 12) contains new coverage of database marketing, e-commerce, relationship marketing, business to business marketing, etc.
  • Curriculum integration theme. The sixth edition contained this theme of integration but the seventh edition has more extensive coverage including an icon to show the integration/application of Marketing with Finance, for instance, in examples.
  • Marketing In Action and Marketing Strategies boxes. At least 75% of these boxes are new and contain more examples that build on themes of IT, brand equity, globalization, and relationship marketing. Featured companies' www URLs will be noted within each box.
  • Globalization. solid coverage in the sixth edition and continued in the seventh edition with even greater integration in text content and in the cases.
  • Basic Marketing Management, Second Edition offers instructors flexibility to emphasize text or their own case materials and to try innovative methods of instruction.
  • For those instructors who utilize their own selection of cases, there is an appendix for students who need guidance in cases methods and preparing case analyses.
  • The Case Method, along with the sample Cook Company case and sample write up will enable students unfamiliar with, or lacking experience in reading, analyzing and presenting a case solution, the means to learn or review this important skill.