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Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Approach, 6th Edition

John Montague

ISBN: 978-1-118-13414-6 January 2013 288 Pages


The best-selling guide…now completely updated to include online tutorials!

Basic Perspective Drawing introduces students, both those in formal design courses and self-learners, to the basic principles and techniques of perspective drawing. Clear and accessible illustrations show how to construct perspective views one step at a time. The new, streamlined Sixth Edition contains must-have content for students and instructors in art and design, architecture, and interior design programs. Updated illustrations reflect the most current drawing styles and examples while supplementary tutorial videos, grouped by architectural disciplines, interior design, and studio art/illustration, provide live-action demonstrations of key topics discussed in the book.

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Preface vii

Chapter 1 Overview 1

Chapter 2 Rendering Perspective Views from Observed Reality 19

Chapter 3 Plans, Elevations, and Paraline Projections 29

Chapter 4 Constructing Perspective Views 40

Chapter 5 Geometric Tools: Diagonals, Squares, and Cubes 79

Chapter 6 Sloping Planes and Surfaces 94

Chapter 7 Circles and Curved Surfaces 111

Chapter 8 Shadows and Reflections 145

Chapter 9 Freehand Sketching and Rapid Visualization 167

Chapter 10 The Figure in Perspective 179

Chapter 11 Shading and Rendering 191

Chapter 12 Aerial Perspective 201

Appendix A Examples of Perspective Views 209

Appendix B Notes on Studying and Teaching Perspective Drawing 261

Index 267