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Basketball For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Basketball For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Richard Phelps, Tim Bourret (With), John Walters (With)

ISBN: 978-1-118-09267-5

Sep 2011

432 pages



The easy way to get the ins, outs, and intrigue on this beloved sport

The National Basketball Association (NBA), with 30 teams and an average attendance of more than 17,000 spectators per game, is the richest and most popular basketball league — and arguably the most viewed American sport — in the world. This new edition of Basketball For Dummies not only covers the rules and regulations of the NBA, but offers coverage on the WNBA, NCAA, and international basketball leagues.

Basketball For Dummies is a valuable resource to the many fans of this beloved sport, covering everything from players and personalities in the game to rules, regulations, and equipment. Completely updated with information and intrigue that's occurred in the sport since publication of the previous edition, Basketball For Dummies gets you up to speed on everything from NCAA Tournament brackets to college players en route to the NBA.

  • Coverage of the rules and regulations of the NBA
  • Interesting topics like LeBron the Phenom, ESPN'S influence on the NBA, and the UCONN women's basketball dynasty
  • Digger's take on John Wooden

Whether you're a basketball player or a courtside spectator, Basketball For Dummies is a slam-dunk of information and intrigue for anyone who loves the sport.

Prologue: Digger the Player, to Digger the Coach, to Digger the Fan xxiii

Introduction 1

Part I: Basketball 101 5

Chapter 1: Bare-Bones Basketball 7

Chapter 2: The Wear and Where of Basketball 17

Chapter 3: The Rules 29

Chapter 4: Statistics 45

Part II: The Fundamentals of Basketball 65

Chapter 5: Shooting 67

Chapter 6: Offense 87

Chapter 7: Defense 109

Chapter 8: Rebounding 145

Chapter 9: Moves, Plays, and Strategies 161

Part III: The Game 179

Chapter 10: Pickup Basketball 181

Chapter 11: High School Basketball 199

Chapter 12: College Basketball 213

Chapter 13: Professional Basketball 233

Chapter 14: International Basketball 257

Part IV: And You Don’t Have to Pick Up a Ball 277

Chapter 15: You Don’t Need to Play to Be a Fan 279

Chapter 16: Filling Out Your NCAA Tournament Bracket 295

Part V: The Part of Tens 317

Chapter 17: Ten Games That Changed the Course of Basketball History 319

Chapter 18: Ten Best Basketball Websites 327

Chapter 19: Ten NBA Legends 331

Chapter 20: Ten Important Dates in Basketball History 337

Part VI: Appendixes 345

Appendix A: Glossary of Basketball Terms 347

Appendix B: Drilling the Basics 357

Index 373