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Baudrillard: A Critical Reader

Baudrillard: A Critical Reader

Douglas M. Kellner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86466-6

Oct 1994, Wiley-Blackwell

344 pages

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Self-described "intellectual terrorist" Jean Baudrillard is one of the most important and provocative writers of the contemporary era. Widely acclaimed as the prophet to postmodernity, he has famously announced the disappearance of the subject, political economy, meaning, truth, the social, and the real in contemporary social formations.
Notes on Contributors.

Introduction: Baudrillard in the Fin-de-Millennium: Douglas Kellner (University of Texas).

1. The System of Objects and the Commodification of Everyday Life: The Early Baudrillard: Mark Gottdiener (University of California).

2. The Commodification of Reality and the Reality of Commodification: Baudrillard, Debord, and Postmodern Theory: Steven Best (University of Texas).

3. Technology and Culture in Habermas and Baudrillard: Mark Poster (University of California).

4. Baudrillard, Marketing, and Tele-Communication: Kim Sawchuck.

5. Fashion and the Signification of Social Order: Efrat Tseelon (Leeds Metropolitan University).

6. Fatal Forms: Toward a (Neo)Formal Sociological Theory of Media Culture: Jonathan S. Epstein and Margaarete J. Epstein (Kent State University and University of North Carolina).

7. Symbolic Exchange in Hyperreality: Deborah Cook (University of Windsor, Canada).

8. Capitalism and the Code: A Critique of Baudrillard's Third Order Simulacrum: Sara Schoonmaker (Colgate University).

9. Simulation: The Highest Stage of Capitalism?: James Der Derian (University of Massachusetts).

10. Aesthetic Production and Cultural Politics: Baudrillard and Contemporary Art: Timothy W. Luke (Virginia Polytechnic Institute).

11. Baudrillard, Modernism, and Postmodernism: Nicholas Zurbrugg (Griffith University, Australia).

12. Baudrillard's Feminist Provocations: A. Keith Goshorn.

13. The Drama of Theory: Vengeful Objects and Wily Props: Gary Genosko (Goldsmiths College, University of London).

14. Baudrillard, Time and the End: William Bogard (Whitman College).

A Bibliography of the Works of Jean Baudrillard.

"This work includes an introduction by Kellner and fourteen chapters whose authors creatively deal with many of the contributions, complexities and controversies surrounding one of the most troubling and delightful philosophers of our time. The introduction by Douglas Kellner is a brief, yet insightful preface to the volume. As Kellner effectively began in his earlier works, this new contribution to the growing literature on Baudrillard continues to pave a critical path." Scott Lukas, Perspectives on Postmodernity
* The most balanced assessment to date of postmodernism's most provocative and widely-known theorist.
* Covers a broader canvas than any existing book, and is edited by Baudrillard's best known Anglo-American critic.