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Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies - Australia / NZ, Australian and New Zealand Edition

Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies - Australia / NZ, Australian and New Zealand Edition

Michele Chevalley Hedge , Dan DeFigio

ISBN: 978-1-118-64121-7

Oct 2013

328 pages



A step-by-step guide to kicking the sugar habit and living a healthier, happier life

With many Australians and New Zealanders drawing as much as a third of their total caloric intake from sugar and enriched flour, sugar addiction is a rapidly growing problem. Global sugar consumption has tripled in just the last 50 years and the result has been increasing levels of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Even worse, the more sugar we eat, the more sugar our bodies want, leading to a dangerous cycle of sugar addiction. Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, Australian and New Zealand Edition, presents a simple, step-based program that gradually weans you off sugar in large amounts to let you live a healthier and fitter life. The book explains the hidden sources of sugar we consume, the effect that eating too much of it has on us, and how to cut down on sugar without sacrificing the foods we love. Plus, you'll find healthy, simple meal plans and recipes that include little or no sugar.

  • Features practical guidance and a simple plan for cutting down on unhealthy levels of sugar consumption
  • Includes simple meal plans and 50 great-tasting recipes with little or no sugar
  • Offers tips on dealing with sugar cravings and what to stock in a low-sugar pantry

No one wants to give up the sweet things in life, but too much sugar is a recipe for ill health and addiction. Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies gives you the information and advice you need to break the cycle and find a healthy balance.

Introduction 1

Part I: Are You a Sugar Addict or a Sweet Tooth? 7

Chapter 1: Moving from Sugar Addiction to Sugar Reduction 9

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Why You’re Addicted to Sugar 19

Chapter 3: The Lowdown on Sugar and Carbs 33

Chapter 4: How Sugar Contributes to Chronic Health Problems 53

Part II: Developing Your Low-Sugar Food Plan 69

Chapter 5: Creating a Sustainable Plan: The Basics of Nutrition and Portions 71

Chapter 6: Stocking a Low-Sugar Kitchen 95

Chapter 7: Sugar Detox Made Easy 113

Part III: Living a Successful Sugar-Busting Lifestyle 125

Chapter 8: Eating Mindfully 127

Chapter 9: Staying On Track with Your Low-Sugar Plan 137

Chapter 10: Navigating Eating Out and Special Occasions 159

Chapter 11: Getting a Boost from Your Support System 167

Chapter 12: Sugar-Busting Moves: Incorporating Exercise 175

Part IV: Sugar-Busting Recipes 205

Chapter 13: Energy-Boosting Breakfasts 207

Chapter 14: Powerful Lunches 221

Chapter 15: Nourishing, Easy Dinners 235

Chapter 16: Satisfying Snacks 253

Chapter 17: Sin-Free Desserts 269

Part V: The Part of Tens 283

Chapter 18: Ten Surprising Foods to Leave at the Supermarket 285

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Outwit Your Cravings 291

Index 297