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Become More Mindful In A Day For Dummies

Become More Mindful In A Day For Dummies

Shamash Alidina

ISBN: 978-1-118-38047-5

Jan 2012

70 pages

Select type: E-Book



Discover how mindfulness can help you take care of yourself - and others!

Become More Mindful In a Day provides a practical introduction to mindfulness, and the benefits of a mindful approach to life. Designed to contain a day’s reading, this handy guide explains what mindfulness is, how to begin practising mindful meditation, and explores a number of ways mindfulness can help you achieve a happier state of mind.

Open the book and find:

  • An introduction to the basics of mindfulness meditation
  • The difference between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ meditation
  • Several examples of mindful meditation, including the body scan meditation and sitting meditation
  • How mindfulness can help in relationships
  • Tips for exercising mindfully 
Introduction 1

What You Can Do in a Day  1

Foolish Assumptions  2

Icons Used in This Book  2

Chapter 1: Discovering Mindfulness 3

Understanding the Meaning of Mindfulness  4

Looking at Mindfulness Meditation  5

Using Mindfulness to Help You  7

Allowing space to heal  7

Enjoying greater relaxation  8

Improving productivity  9

Exploring for personal discovery  10

Starting the Mindfulness Adventure  12

Beginning the voyage  12

Overcoming challenges  13

Exploring the journey of a lifetime  14

Chapter 2: Getting Into Formal Mindfulness Meditation Practice 17

Preparing Your Body and Mind for Mindfulness Meditation  18

Savouring Eating Meditation  18

Relaxing with Mindful Breathing Meditation  20

Engaging in Mindful Movement  22

Trying Out the Body Scan Meditation  23

Practising the body scan  24

Appreciating the benefits of the body scan meditation  27

Overcoming body scan obstacles  29

Enjoying Sitting Meditation  30

Finding a posture that’s right for you  31

Sitting on a chair  31

Sitting on the floor  32

Practising sitting meditation  36

Practising mindfulness of breath  36

Overcoming sitting meditation obstacles  39

Generating Compassion: Metta Meditations  41

Practising loving-kindness meditation  41

Overcoming metta meditation obstacles  44

Chapter 3: Using Mindfulness for Yourself and Others 45

Using a Mini Meditation 46

Introducing the breathing space  46

Practising the breathing space  46

Using the breathing space between activities  50

Using Mindfulness to Look After Yourself  51

Exercising mindfully  51

Mindful running  52

Mindful swimming  52

Preparing for sleep with mindfulness  53

Using Mindfulness in Relationships 54

Starting with your relationship with yourself  54

Engaging in deep listening  56

Being aware of expectations  57

Looking into the mirror of relationships  58

Taking responsibility for your emotions  59

Meeting difficult people anew  60

Chapter 4: Where to Go from Here 63

A Quick Review of How Mindfulness Can Help You  63

Visiting 64

Bonus Content
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02_Sitting meditation: Mindfulness of breath
03_Sitting meditation: Mindfulness of breath and body
04_Sitting meditation: Mindfulness of sounds
05_Sitting meditation: Mindfulness of thoughts and feelings
06_Sitting meditation: Choiceless awareness
07_Breathing space meditation
08_Ten Top Tips for Mindful Living