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Becoming a More Versatile Learner

Becoming a More Versatile Learner

ISBN: 978-1-118-15509-7

Jul 2011, Pfeiffer

28 pages

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Almost all managers regard job experiences and the lessons they provide essential for their development as leaders. But not all of those managers are successful at learning those lessons. That difficulty is often related to a manager ’s relying too much on one preferred learning tactic—a tactic that might not be suited for gleaning the lessons of a particular job experience. By increasing the number of learning tactics and becoming a more versatile learner, managers can better position themselves to take advantage of the lessons that job experiences offer and contribute to their leadership development.
7 Introduction

8 The Four Sets of Learning Tactics

Feeling Tactics

Action Tactics

Thinking Tactics

Accessing-others Tactics

13 Finding the Baseline

What Are Your Preferred Learning Tactics?

Benefits and Problems with Your Preferred Tactics

19 Becoming a More Versatile Learner

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Expand Your Learning Tactics

23 Conclusion: Setting a Learning Strategy

24 Suggested Readings

24 Background

26 Key Point Summary