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Becoming a Student-Ready College: A New Culture of Leadership for Student Success



Becoming a Student-Ready College: A New Culture of Leadership for Student Success

Tia Brown McNair, Estela Bensimon, Michelle Asha Cooper, Nicole McDonald, Thomas Major, Jr.

ISBN: 978-1-119-11952-4 June 2016 Jossey-Bass 208 Pages


Boost student success by reversing your perspective on college readiness

The national conversation asking "Are students college-ready?" concentrates on numerous factors that are beyond higher education's control. Becoming a Student-Ready College flips the college readiness conversation to provide a new perspective on creating institutional value and facilitating student success. Instead of focusing on student preparedness for college (or lack thereof), this book asks the more pragmatic question of what are colleges and universities doing to prepare for the students who are entering their institutions? What must change in an institution's policies, practices, and culture in order to be student-ready?

Clear and concise, this book is packed with insightful discussion and practical strategies for achieving your ambitious student success goals. These ideas for redesigning practices and policies provide more than food for thought—they offer a real-world framework for real institutional change. You'll learn:

  • How educators can acknowledge their own biases and assumptions about underserved students in order to allow for change
  • New ways to advance student learning and success
  • How to develop and value student assets and social capital
  • Strategies and approaches for creating a new student-focused culture of leadership at every level

To truly become student-ready, educators must make difficult decisions, face the pressures of accountability, and address their preconceived notions about student success head-on. Becoming a Student-Ready College provides a reality check based on today's higher education environment.

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Chapter 1: In Search of the Student-Ready College

Chapter 2: Leadership Values and Organizational Culture

Chapter 3: Making Excellence Inclusive to Support Student Success

Chapter 4: Building Student Readiness through Effective Partnerships

Chapter 5: Demonstrating Belief in Students