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Beef Cattle, 8th Edition

Beef Cattle, 8th Edition

A. L. Neumann, Keith S. Lusby

ISBN: 978-0-471-82535-7 August 1986 336 Pages


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The most complete text and reference on contemporary beef cattle production available. New edition merges current production technology with management and flexible marketing. Text organization reflects the industry: cow-calf (including purebred herds), stocker or growing phase, and the feedlot or finishing phase. Explains scientific basis of beef production. Describes proven management techniques for efficient production.
Partial table of contents:

The Commercial Cow-Calf Program.

Beef Cattle Selection and Crossbreeding.

Matching Cow Productivity and Resources.

The Purebred Program.

Pregnancy, Parturition, and Care of the Calf.

Principles of Feeding Beef Cattle.

Forage and Roughage Utilization.

Managing the Cow Herd for Reproduction.

Management of Nursing Calves.

Operation of the Stocker Program.

Receiving Programs for Stressed Stocker and Feeder Cattle.

The Cattle Finishing Program, History, Present Situation, andFuture Trends.

The Importance of Age and Sex in Growing and Finishing.

The Importance of Feeder Grade to Growing and Finishing.

Nutrition and Management of Finishing Program.